What socks do I wear?

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How awesome would it be if we lived in a world where it was considered fashionable to don the perfect suit, top it off with a beautiful tie, and finish it off like this:


I mean – seriously awesome.  You would never have to produce another financial model.  Or go over another term sheet.  Or ever have to approach a woman again.  The bare leg.  Now that’s what the law of attraction really is.  Forget the new world ‘secret’ malarkey – its right here – staring you in the face…..

So that’s it – the title of this post is a complete misnomer.  There is no sock advice.

Or is there?  Seriously, unless your Chuck Norris, the above look aint flyin’.  So what socks do we wear?  Why is it always such a source of confusion?  Perhaps because we pay so much attention to the rest of the outfit, that this seemingly ‘trivial’ detail often gets overlooked.  And as we know all too often, it all lies in the details.  So with that conveniently established, what are some general rules we can follow? What socks do I wear?

  • Avoid socks with holes in them.  Yeah, sure you might think its sexy.  But seriously dude, drop the idea.
  • Match your socks to your trousers – just to caveat this right off the bat, so I don’t get a million evil stares right back at me – this is intended to provide for caution – a conservative look where you cannot do any wrong.  However, just because its low risk doesn’t mean that it adds an ounce of flair or originality to your general aesthetic.  Once you have developed your own sense of style, as always, feel free to explore!  In doing so, you can embrace patterns and colors that you wouldn’t have touched with a ten foot pole in years past – so long as they are coordinated with other accessories like your shoes, belt or tie, or ideally, all three.
  • Avoid ankle socks unless your at the gym or your trying to make your date run.  Oh, unless of course you haven’t waxed.  Then go all out.  Wear ankle socks all day everyday.
  • Match the texture of your socks to that of your general outfit.  If your wearing a suit, pick some cotton socks with shine.  If your wearing a blazer, woolen socks would be a much more appropriate complement.
  • And last but not least – cut those toe nails!

Do you like this write up? If you want to add some flavors into it, then please share your ideas below!

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