What to Look For in Your Significant Others' Bespoke Suit

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There comes a stage in every man’s life when he decides to embrace the bespoke suit: the concept is genius, the execution – often delightful and tasteful all at once, the purchasing process – smooth – except when it comes down to the little details.

And we all know that attention to detail is the hallmark of all creative masterpieces. So focusing on the fit and the fabrics, make sure that you both pay attention to the following larger and seemingly ‘trivial’ features of the suit that will make all the difference between a good piece and a great one.

As a general rule, the fit starts at the shoulders. If the fit around the shoulders is snug, that is a good indication of a suit that should fit well (stop paying attention to the pseudo-tache!).

How a Suit Shoud Fit Around the Shoulder

Regarding sleeve length, you want to wear a suit where the length of the jacket sleeve is slightly shorter than your shirt sleeve length, so as to allow you to show your cuffs or fancy cufflinks.

  Appropriate Sleeve Length

When trying on trousers, squat down. Trousers should only feel tight when fully stretched. As a rule of thumb, you can test the length of the trousers by making sure that the hem of the trousers rests directly above the heels of your shoes. Plus, you get to look like one of these guys!  Sweet!

  Do your trousers fit?

Make sure the lining of the fabric for the jacket and trousers is of quality material. Lining helps provide a better fit and can add some flair to the jacket!

Jacket Lining

With a bespoke (handmade) suit, the customer can choose the lapels and overall cut that he wishes. In the 80′s, looser fits with larger lapels were common- whereas today, slim fitted suits with narrow lapels are the style of choice. Up to you.  Embrace your inner Charles Barkley, or Ricky Martin!!!!

Bespoke Suit

Stitching should be done with the best quality thread. A handmade suit can be discerned by visible stitches at the edge of the lapels.

  Stitching on a Lapel

So there you have it!  I hope that you have enjoyed reading about this as much as I did writing about it. 

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