An introduction to the Gingham Shirt

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While the steady popularity in both the vintage and modern sense of Gingham pales in comparison to the rocket like surge of its doppleganger name, Gingham style shirts nonetheless continue to be a popular item of choice for the modern man’s wardrobe!

Psy gingham style







Gingham fabrics were originally manufactured in the previously Dutch colonized Malaysia, and derived its name from the Malay word ‘genggang’, which translates into ‘striped’.  Gingham shirts are small checkered shirts with the warp (vertical yarns) consisting of color and the weft (horizontal yarns) consisting of white, resulting in what are usually pastel colored / white small checkered shirts.

Given its casual nature, Gingham shirts are ideal for Spring time. That being said, they can be worn equally fashionably with both a suit or a casual pair of jeans on a night out! So, spice up your wardrobe and buy some Gingham today!  Bring it! 

Gingham looking fashionable with a suit

Gingham looking fashionable with a suit.

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