A Men's Guide To Wearing Colorful Socks

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Of all the men’s fashion trends that have taken shape over the last couple of years, men’s colorful socks is the one that we can have the most fun with.  Socks used to be drab.  Boring.  Utilitarian.  Now, they are something more.  They can attest to your personality.  They can reflect the rest of your ensemble.  They carry the oompf factor.  That’s when you know you need to start paying attention.  They have essentially metamorphasized  from Madeline Albright to Paris Hilton.  Ok, that was a terrible analogy.  Moving on.

So when should you opt for colorful socks?

When you want to liven up a simple outfit

A pair of unique socks can turn an otherwise cookie cutter ensemble (think grey suit, blue shirt, red tie) into something that carries significantly more flair.  Unless, of course, you’re Donald Trump.  Then you’re doomed, irrespective of attire.

How awesome would he look with colorful socks?

Colorful socks on Trump?

A pair of colorful socks that complement the rest of your outfit adds that little extra touch.  And it speaks volumes about your attention to detail.  Now that’s flattering.

Traditionally, men have been taught to wear socks that form a seamless transition with your trousers.  Socks can be worn that break the transition, providing there is a level of coordination with the rest of your ensemble.  Considering you are contemplating breaking the mold, here are a few essentials to consider when boarding the thrill ride that is colorful socks:

1.  Types of Designs

Argyle (angle plaid pattern of diamonds and lines) – Argyle has been a traditional sock style for the better part of half a century.  Throw in an Argyle pair of socks where the secondary or tertiary color of the sock matches the color of your shirt or pocket square, and you will have an eclectic, interesting and winning combination!

Argyle Socks

Solid Colors with small patterns / neats – These are also an attractive option, along with striped socks where the stripes are equally spaced apart.

If you start with these and keep the colors somewhat restrained, you should be able to adopt a habit of wearing socks with color fairly easily, and be on your way to strutting that ensemble with extra flair and gradually get bolder with your color choices!

2.  Coordinate with the rest of the outfit

When we discuss coordinating socks to the rest of your outfit, it is not imperative that the color of your socks match the color of your shirt or other part of your ensemble.  What is of relevance is that the color compliments (try using a color wheel) other items, or as mentioned above, secondary or tertiary colors in the sock match an item in your ensemble.

Great pairs of matching socks (blue as the secondary color) matching the color of the ties at this wedding!

Great pairs of matching socks (blue as the secondary color) matching the color of the ties at this wedding!

Contrast Levels

This is an often overlooked item that men simply don’t pay enough attention to.  As a general rule of thumb, you want the same amount of contrast throughout your outfit.  A navy suit with a blue shirt, suddenly bursting with ‘life’ with orange colored socks will have even Craig Sager cringing.  Now that’s something we can all aspire too!  Sweeeeeeeetness!

Imagine him wearing colorful socks!  At least you won't have issues with the contrast levels!  Sweetness!!!!!

Him and contrast socks?

As a general guide, try to keep the contrast between your trousers and your socks at about the same level as the contrast between the trousers and the shirt at your waistband.

And that's a wrap for this one. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

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