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Jackets.  Tuxedos.  Woolen.  Plaid. Tweed.  Options abound during the Fall and Winter Season for men’s formalwear fashion.  Layering affords us the luxury of showing off the repertoire of clothing our wardrobes house, and builds on what can often be limited attire during the Spring and Summer seasons with a much needed shot of variety.  A severe dosage.  Of the intravenous sort.

Another option that adds both significant color and texture along with charm is the sweater.  Sweaters can be multi-purpose and worn with both t-shirts and shirts, but attention should be paid to the type of sweater being worn for the respective underlying article of clothing.


If you are aiming for a relaxed, casual look, a ¼ zip sweater may be the ideal choice.  These sweaters are made for wearing a t-shirt or other collarless shirts underneath, so they’re often associated with being some of the most casual sweaters.  Wearing a ¼ zip sweater under a jacket, however, can look relatively sloppy!


For a look that’s more formal, a V-neck sweater would suit your needs.  These were made for, and typically should only be worn with, collared, buttoned down shirt that are always tucked in under the sweater.  To add variety, you could add a woven woolen tie to give you that sought after crisp look this Winter Season!

herringbone jacket

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If you would like to wear a sweater that will let you pull off any look, and is the most versatile, cardigans will afford you the option of wearing either a t-shirt or shirt underneath, with ties!  Ensure that any shirt under the cardigan is tucked in, and that the cardigan itself is never tucked in!

Navy Jacket with a beige cardigan

A Navy Jacket with a beige cardigan and a brown woolen tie come together to create the perfect winter ensemble! Courtesy of

What are your favorite Sweaters to wear with Formal Wear Attire? We would love to hear your comments below!

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