An Over Plaid Style?

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The renaissance of plaid fashion in recent years has afforded sartorially inclined men world over further opportunity to dress with flair and panache.  This statement is no truer than during the Fall and Winter seasons, when the requirement for layering allows us to mix and match patterns that warmer climates simply don’t permit.  And what better way to strut our style than to introduce designs that have truly gone through their own renaissance.

What differentiates plaids from most solids and stripes is that they can be multi purpose.  Rock one out at night or during the day at the office, and with the right suit and tie combination, making an impression will be the least of your concerns.  One of the main things to keep in mind when trying to match a plaid / checkered shirt with a tie is to avoid exactly the same patterns.  Rather, try and introduce variation in size, or in the case of stripes, their direction.  With a plaid shirt, you are best off choosing a solid tie.

Solid ties and plaid shirts

Solid ties and plaid shirts are always a great combination!

Your tie color should complement a secondary / subtle color in the shirt.  If you’re riding high on confidence a.k.a Van Damme doing splits for a Volvo commercial, you can match it with a plaid or a checked tie, but make sure that the patterns are not exactly the same as the shirt!

Van Damme doing splits on Volvo

If you’re as awesome as Van Damme doing splits on Volvo’s, it really doesn’t matter what you wear. Sweetness!

Another great look is the plaid blazer that can be worn either casually or on a night out! Notice the mixture of pattern styles and sizes that really brings this ensemble together.

dark plaid blazer

Hope you like my ideas on plaid. If you have more ideas on plaid style then share it with our readers!

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