Should I wear Side or Center Vents?

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Wait.  The French are complaining about reigning in the 35 hour work week?   Western Europe wants to switch their work week to three days?  Ohio State fans are complaining about being irrelevant outside of Buckeye State?  The Three Lions are complaining about an unjust world cup refereeing system – - via accusations a.k.a Minority Report (I knew those damn refs would do us injustice!  I knew that goal line technology was useless, and the damn refs couldn’t override it! – that’s my prediction for another disastrous performance at the 2014 world cup).  Yes, the world vents.  Always.  Especially the French.  But that’s a headfake (not the French part).  I’m talking about the Frustration of Venting – with respect TO JACKETS.  Do we opt for a single vent?  Or a double vent.  As is the case with our other insomnia inducing fashion decisions – do we choose style over function?

I think it’s important that every sartorially inclined gentleman pays attention to the subtle details.  That’s what elevates us.  Shows the world that we know what we’re talking about.  Bang Bang.

Origins of the Vent

So where does the vent originate from? Similar to many other men’s wear details, the vent has its origins  in military heritage.  Vents served a functional necessity by providing comfort for horseback riders.  Not only did vents provide more room and flexibility for the rider, but they also prevented fabric creasing and bunching from occurring.  So, outside of Amish county, what functional benefit do vents have today?  Plenty, if you’re not French.  Vents are of significant benefit in situations where you need to sit.  Additionally, side vents permit easier access to your trouser pockets.  Who wants to go through the hassle of lifting up their suit jacket everytime they want to access their pockets?

Center versus Side Vents

Jacket offerings with respect to vents come in two types: Center and Side vents.  Center vents, as the name implies, run down the middle and consist of a single vent, whereas side vents are double vents (one on each side). Single Vented Jackets are often worn by the gentleman that loves an ultra tapered look, or for other reasons (such as concealing one’s buttocks – which isn’t very useful the second you need to access your trouser pockets), whereas double vented jackets are worn for both style and functionality.  Unless you are going for a very tapered look, double vented jackets, can paradoxically, accentuate your physique, while at the same time provide great functional benefit through extra flexibility, which in turn reduces fabric annoyance such as bunching up and creasing.

Most off-the-rack jackets come with single vents.  Double vents afford you bonus points for individuality and flair, and not to mention the point I’ve already hammered home – greater functionality.

Side Vented Jackets

Side Vented Jackets demonstrate greater style and allow for improved functionality!


Yes, there is a third option brewing under the surface.  NO VENTS.  Looks sharp.  Will fit you like a glove.  Which is also why you will have limited motion and flexibility.  Sounds like an awesome trade off if you’re animation levels are anything north of zero.  You get the picture.

And that’s a wrap for this one! What type of vents do you like with your suit jackets?  We would love to hear your comments below!

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