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So I’ve explored and vigorously hammered home the essentials of bespoke tailoring more times than Paris Hilton has denied fabricating sex tapes (actually, did she ever deny the blatantly obvious?), Bill Clinton had dismissed sexual relations with an unassuming intern and Tim Tebow has sworn by virginity like white on rice.  What is there left to write about, you ask?  Fit, finding the right tailor, pants, nuances of your suit? Check.  Not so much on the details even finer than the nuances.  Details, that when adhered to, will make your suit stand out heads and shoulders above the rest.  Give you bragging rights.  In spades.  Now that’s priceless.  So without further ado, here are finer details of a suit worth looking for!

Jacket Lining

Most off the rack suits come with lining already stitched in.  Hence, your jacket lining will be standard, non extravagant and will certainly not speak towards your unique taste.  Bespoke suits afford you room for personalization.  While most people will not see the interior of your suit jacket, but for those wanting to make their suits truly unique, choosing interlining of your choice is just as important as selecting your exterior fabric. If you are opting for a conservative look, your safest option is to match the lining of your jacket to the exterior fabric of your suit.  If, however, you are opting for something bold, a grey suit with purple lining or a navy blue suit with red or burgundy lining will really give your suit some extra kick!

Grey Suit Purple Lining

Colored Button Holes

Color Buttons have been becoming increasingly popular, with more sophisticated bespoke clients opting for one colored button hole that matches the lining of their jackets or stripes that form the pinstripe color scheme for that particular jacket.  This can often be a great detail to pay attention to for a wedding suit, where color schemes are often present!

colored button holes

Real Horn Buttons

An often overlooked feature of a bespoke suit is the quality of the buttons.  The sartorially inclined gentleman will often opt for real horn or mother of pearl buttons.

Real Horn Buttons

Lapel Button Holes

A finer detail of a bespoke suit that is often glanced over is the lapel buttonhole that allows for the wear of boutonnieres.

Lapel Button Holes


Monogramming is a distinctive feature of a bespoke suit.  Monograms are usually embroidered on the inside of your suit jacket and can be anything from your initials to your full name.

bespoke suit monogram

And that’s a wrap for this one!  Which of the above Bespoke Suit details do you like to pay most attention to?  We would love to hear your comments below!

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