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Within a few days, Christmas season will be in full swing.  And while you may be eagerly anticipating your holidays, mandatory party season will also be in full effect.  Christmas parties, Family dinners and Corporate cocktail events that you wish you could draw from a hat, but are obligated to attend by default.  So while the food and booze may be fun, the dreaded talk of why you don’t see your family enough or the discussion with your boss about what schools to send your children too can be marginalized by feeling good about yourself.  In Spades.  By dressing well.

That’s right.  Strut your stuff well and you’ll have a better time.  And you may just have the confidence to direct that testosterone deflating talk into something more masculine and fun.  Avoid the drudgery.  Embrace your finer self this season by starting with the basics: your wardrobe.

Party at a friend’s house

This will probably be significantly more fun than the other two.  It’s most likely an old high school friend or college buddy, you’re about to cherish the good ol’ times and batter each other up over a game of beer pong.  Why not do it while looking classy.  Sure, you may get the title of the worlds biggest douche bag, but who cares?  At least you can say you pulled a beer pong trump card on your friend in a burgundy sweater and olive green tie.  Now that, my friends is what you call Priceless.

So, what dress code would work in such a situation?  As mentioned in earlier articles, a wardrobe that draws its inspiration from the earth tones of Fall and Winter will do well.  Burgundy, Olive Greens and Mustard Yellows can work wonders at this time of the year.  Wear a classy knitted or woolen olive green tie under a burgundy sweater, throw on a pair of slacks, and you will look GQ before you could say ‘douche bag’.  Just kidding.  You will look classy.  Neither will you regret it.

Red Sweater

Family Dinner

Sure, we don’t want a meet the parents rendezvous (not if you’re Ben Stiller, anyway), but dressing up will make you feel better about having dinner with your in-laws.  Anything to take the edge off right? What better way to look sharp and on you’re A-game than a plaid blazer and a Fall / Winter colored tie to go with?  Seriously, give it a try.

Tweed Blazer

Company Party

Unless you’re nestled in Silicon Valley, this is the Corporate Christmas Party.  Dress your best.  Slacks, a blazer and a tie that is well coordinated with the rest of the outfit, and you’ll be golden.

And that’s a wrap for this one! How do you like to dress for the Winter Season? We would love to hear your comments below

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