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With the end of the summer approaching quicker than Tim Tebow can fumble a snap, it’s time to look forward with men’s formalwear fashion.  While the spring and summer provide ample opportunity to showcase flair and our real infatuation with pink and lilac, and winter affords us the opportunity to ironically reveal less clothes through multiple body covering layers, the fall season allows us perfect balance. It allows us to express our taste in color and designs while throwing on more than one or two layers. All without looking like a heavily ornamented Christmas tree.

not to wear this fall

An example of what is NOT trending this Fall. Sorry Patriots fans.

So as the month and season near their end, shift the balance of your wardrobe to more fall-friendly colors.  Summer time embraces pastels.  Fall is more about subtlety.  Burgundy, olive green and rust are among colors that look great in the fall.  A little bit of orange won’t do you any harm either.  If you’re confused as to what colors to don, look at your surroundings.  Flow with the foliage New England has become so adored for.  Embrace earth tones and you will look like a fashion veteran.  So what is the best way to accentuate your look all while mixing and matching colors of a different palette?  Here goes:


Vests are a great layering option that have witnessed a recent revival.  With men having significantly amped up their interest in fashion trends over the last couple of years, many have taken to vests to amplify their originality and flair with respect to patterns and color.  If you are donning a traditional suit, it is imperative that the fabric of your vest matches that of your suit.  Additionally, you want your vest ‘V-shape’ to be narrow enough so that the suit lapels do not engulf it in its entirety.  When strutting a vest with a tuxedo, it is important to note that the lapels of the tuxedo vest (yes, tuxedo vests do come with lapels!) are fully shown.

If going casual with a vest, wearing it with trousers and an unbuttoned rolled up dress shirt is absolutely fine.

V shape vest
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As mentioned earlier, the Fall season provides us with the perfect canvas upon which to exhibit various colors.  While the vest is a great layering tool, adding in a tie for added effect can really bring out some interesting color combinations.  And with plaid ties trending in for this fall, why not try a plaid fall color tie with a vest!

Well, that’s a wrap for this piece! What are your favorite Fall Fashion trends?  We would love to hear your comments below!

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