Introducing Paul Fredrick’s 2014 Summer Collection

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For those of us that have been living under a rock for the past twenty five years, I would like to introduce you to men’s label Paul Fredrick (  Paul Fredrick is an established brand with contemporary flair.  Offering a range of clothing options from business casual to formalwear, the brand offers high quality clothing in a range of sizes – essentially, something for every truly discerning gentleman out there.  And what better time to introduce a brand to our readerbase than during the summer, where the adventure of color quite possibly trumps the fashion sensibilities of layering that come with seasons like Fall and Winter.

Paul Fredrick has stamped its image all over this summer season  with an introduction of a new summer line (  The addition of a range of shirts and ties will leave every dapper man spoiled for choice.   With elegant combinations of summer colors, such as this light blue and pink checkered shirt and pink tie, you will be able to add creative flair to your summer ensemble!

Other favorite items have included the addition of Seersucker suits and their colorful socks (more below).  Seersucker is a lightweight, crinkled striped summer fabric of puckered cotton.  This fabric lets air in to keep you cool.  Given that seersucker suits are light in color, your best bet is usually for a lighter pastel colored or white shirt. While usually utilized within the framework of a suit, seersucker can also be worn as a sport jacket or a shirt.

Take for example the light blue single breasted seersucker suit below.  As presented in this image, this southern staple that embodies both elegance and a summer vibe will suit up perfectly with a pastel colored pink tie and fancy shoes to go with!


Alternatively, this double breasted light grey seersucker suit would look great if you are opting for more traditional formal wear with an air of relaxation.  This modified southern staple with a double breasted jacket (as opposed to standard, contemporary single breasted jackets) is perfectly complemented by a pink tie and pink pocket square!

If you are looking for something hip and smart but without being overtly formal, you can take a look at Paul Fredrick’s beautiful pink seersucker vest.  This, against a formal blue shirt and blue bow tie, is the perfect summer look!

Embracing colorful socks has become the trend du jour (or year) in 2014, and what better way to kick off your summer than embracing one of Paul Fredrick’s very own summer colored socks! The below pair, Paul Fredrick’s Peruvian Pima Cotton Blend Dot Socks will spice up any summer casual / formal ensemble.  Try throwing in this stunning coral colored pair with a blue shirt or light blue seersucker suit (above), and there is absolutely no way you can fail!


As you can all see, Paul Fredrick truly does have an impressive array of men’s business casual / formalwear products, and with their latest summer additions, you can be sure that you won’t be scratching your head for another few months if you decide to take definitive action today! Visit Paul Fredrick’s site at!

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