How to wear a Linen Suit

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Are you fed up of having sweat drip down your face as you walk down fifth avenue in the enervating summer heat for a friends summer wedding? Traditional suits don't breathe as well as suits constructed from summer friendly fabrics, and hence, often cause discomfort during warmer months. With that said, here is our guide on How to Wear a Linen Suit.

As emphasized in this blog, the transition from your Winter Wardrobe to Spring and Summer months is imperative.  For the dapper, discerning gentleman, employing variations in fabrics, in addition to patterns and colors, will have you discernibly stand out from the crowd, and really add to that personal sense of style and flair. 

So with the changing of the season comes the packing away of tweed, corduroy and heavier wool, and the introduction or re-emergence of lighter, more breathable materials such as Linen, Cotton, Seersucker and lighter Wool Blends.

Dressing seasonally and adopting solid wardrobe management skills will be indispensable during the summer months.  While winter affords us the ability to layer for functional (if not always fashionably appropriate) purposes, summer really exposes any weaknesses we have in selecting the right fabrics.  Unless you’re looking to strut around town in speedos all day, let’s ensure that we pick the right fabrics!

The Linen Suit

So why is The Linen Suit appropriate for Spring and Summer months? Linen is a breathable, lightweight and durable fabric, with one major drawback – it creases easily.  Hence, avoid linen suits for corporate wear and reserve their use for more casual events of summer beach weddings! An alternative to a pure linen suit is to opt for a linen blend with wool or cotton, that will help add the necessary structure so as to reduce the prevalence of wrinkling.

Linen Suits, next to Seersucker, are the ultimate display of an effortlessly cool vibe.  If you are opting for a dichotomy of sophisticated relaxation, which seersucker also provides, you have the option of employing darker colors such as navy, brown or charcoal.  For that ultimate summer (day-time look, most associated with linen) look, however, lighter hues such as a light blue, cream, off-white or khaki , will bring some versatility and fun to your wardrobe.

Linen Suit


For A Summer Wedding

For a Summer Wedding, you could buck the trend of wearing a suit and opt instead for linen trousers with a vest.  Pair this combination up with a light weight white cotton shirt and a coral colored tie, and you have the dapper look that the gentlemen below have pulled off quite successfully!

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Summer Wedding Linen Suit

Linen vests make for a great wedding look!

Alternatively, you can go for a linen suit with a pastel colored shirt and brown belt. Like below, a striped lilac tie, on a light blue cotton shirt, and brown belt, provide the perfect complements for a dapper looking linen suit at a summertime wedding!

Linen Jackets

Assuming you have more than one suit, breaking the suit down into separates and using your linen jacket with a cotton shirt and khakis or cotton trousers can yield a relaxed, sophisticated summer look.  The below ensemble with a navy linen jacket, cotton twill trousers, brown belt and madras colored shirt will leave you looking Dapper on a night out or on a date, or as in the case below, during the day!

Linen Jackets


And that’s a wrap for this one! I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it!

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