Matching Ties To A Checkered Shirt

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So you’ve decided to strut that newly purchased gingham shirt, or one of the many checkered shirts you already had in your wardrobe.  You know checkered is back with a bang, and it’s going to look fantastic with that solid or pinstriped charcoal grey suitBut how to you match ties to a checkered shirt and avoid looking like Craig Sager but more like Daniel Craig? 

Here is our insight into a topic that confounds even the sartorially inclined – matching ties to a checkered shirt:

Ties to Match Smaller Checkered / Gingham Shirts

Let’s assume you are going with a Gingham shirt, as smaller checkered shirts are the trend du jour.  Gingham shirts are comprised of small checkered patterns, often in two or more colors. 

Remember, the golden rule when matching shirts to your ties is to take into account both pattern AND proportion.  Hence, you ideally want to vary both of these elements. 

Options for a tie against a smaller checkered shirt such as gingham could include a solid tie that matches one of the colors in the gingham shirt, or an alternative pattern that is widely spaced apart, such as a blocked striped tie or a sparsely spaced polka dot tie.

Ties to Match a Checkered Shirt

Matching Ties to a Checkered Shirt

Ties that Match a Checkered Shirt

Just as with other shirt and tie combinations, layering a tie on a gingham shirt can have a pronounced effect if there is a contrast in fabrics as well.  Given that most high quality shirts are constructed of cotton, try pairing your small checkered or gingham shirt with a knitted, woolen, or linen tie instead!

Knit Ties that Match Checkered Shirts

Alternatively, you could go for a complementary color on the color wheel, i.e orange with blue, purple with yellow, or pink with green:

How to Match Your Tie to a Checkered Shirt

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Ties to Match a Larger Checkered Shirt

With a larger, window pane checkered shirt, the inverse would work well.  While a solid tie will look great against either a gingham or window pane checkered shirt, with regard to patterned ties, you want to choose ties where patterns are smaller in proportion relative to the checkered shirt. 

This creates a visual contrast and will allow the tie to pop off the shirt.

And that's a wrap for this one!  I hope that you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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