Top Seven Mistakes Men Make When Wearing a Tie

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Wearing a tie should be deemed fairly straight forward, shouldn’t it?  Sort of like the Knicks winning a championship under Phil Jackson.  The elements are in place; all one has to do is make it happen.  Ditto for ties.  It’s just a piece of fabric that has been lined for crying out loud.  How is it that there are still so many mistakes men make when wearing a tie?

You’d be surprised.  To the nth degree.  Men can take the one staple that has defined the gentleman for the last few hundred years and do a complete 180, looking like amateurs in the process that have not even climbed the first rung of the sartorial ladder. 

Let’s eliminate some basic confusion here.  This is, after all, a men’s formalwear fashion blog that is a part of an e-commerce based necktie business.  So here we go:  The Top 7 Mistakes Men Make When Wearing a Tie.  

No. 1.  A poorly tied knot. 

Ouch.  I feel like I just got sucker punched in the gut reading that one.  If you are committing this crime, it’ s best you leave the blog now.  Seriously.  Ok, now I sound more condescending than Louis CK before an unassuming New York crowd.  But really?  Poorly tied ties? 

Maybe it’s the fact that I grew up wearing a uniform in a stuffy British School, but every man should know how to tie a tie.  Pull on the skinny end tight until the knot has been fastened securely and is perched adequately in between the collar.  No unnecessary space.  Doesn’t have to be a Full Windsor (or Half, for that matter) either.  You get the drift.  A clean, simple, well tied knot.

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Mens Style Mistake a Poorly Tied Knot

A weak knot tied with a wide tie- not to mention it's a gold striped tie.  Negative check, negative check, and negative check.  Yikes.


No. 2.  A necktie that has been tied too short or too long. 

I don’t like committing things to memory.  I think it’s a terrible way of learning.  But commit this one.  It’s essential.  A tie should be tied so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle.  A tie that has been tied too short will look down right ridiculous. 

And too long makes you look like you’re just trying to prove a point.  Which is fine if you're Carmelo Anthony with the Knicks (seriously, what's up with the Knicks hate today?  Thought it's safe to assume that you can never be hated for hating on the Knicks, even by native New Yorkers).  So again, commit it to memory.  A tie should be tied so that it ends near the middle of your belt buckle.

If you run into problems trying to get the length right with either a Half Windsor or Full Windsor knot, try to let the wide end of the tie hang down as low as possible- so that when you cross the wide end over the narrow end, you can barely hold onto the narrow end.  This should give your tie sufficient length for when your knot has been tied, don't make this mistake.

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Mens Style Mistake Improper Tie Length

No. 3.  Gorgeous novelty ties. 

Hope you caught the hint of sarcasm with this one.  I don’t mean fine, tasteful prints currently sold at The Dark Knot.  I mean the horrendous, Christmas or Halloween themed ties that look more like a mural in the East Village than a fine constructed elegant tie intended for use by real gentlemen.  Seriously, novelty ties are a mistake.  Not unless you’re trying to avoiding landing the job or that contract after your next big client presentation.

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Style Mistakes Men Make Novelty Ties

Tetris ties are awesome at your son's 5th grade party that you've attended through a time warp.

No. 4. Mismatched patterns and colors. 

This style mistake is exactly what The Dark Knot is trying to eliminate.  We want to help men dress better.  Please edumacate yourselves on pattern and color coordination.  If you are lost, try this article here, or this one here.  Both will help you get started with the mixing and match of ties to your suits and shirts!

Plus, knowing how to mix and match multiple patterns and colors of ties to your suits and shirts will make you feel damn good about yourself and your sense of style.  Plain and simple.

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Mens Style Mistake Wrong Tie and Shirt Combinations

Silk Ties | Ties | Neckties | Extra Long Ties

No. 5. Wrinkled or Stained Neckties.

For dapper men in suits, the necktie is a focal piece of your ensemble.  Treat it as such, please!  While ties cannot be washed or ironed as it ruins the interlining and drape of the tie, it is safest to unknot your tie in reverse order of tying when done with the day. 

If looking to take wrinkles out of a tie, use a piece of cloth between the iron and the tie, or leave your necktie in a room that has been sufficiently steamed for a while.  Alternatively, you can hang your ties on a tie rack or over a hanger and the fabric will straighten itself out over night.

Feel free to view The Dark Knot's Tie Collection, each of which come presented with tie clips that fasten your ties to your shirt buttons, ensuring that your tie never sways and subsequently gets stained. Ever again.

Style Mistake Stained Neckties

In-n-Out Burger is great when you are not wearing a suit. 

No. 6.  Inappropriate Tie Width

Tie width is important and should at least be somewhat proportional to your suit jacket’s lapel width, tie knot and body type.  We have gone through careful consideration at The Dark Knot in selecting a tie width that is in line with current market trends and adequately narrow for skinny men and adequately wide for broader shouldered men. 

So yes, while skinny ties might be trendy, especially amongst the European body frames, they will look out of place if worn on a bulkier frame or a wider lapel suit. 

Mens Style Mistake Inappropriate Tie Width

Talk about old school.  Barkley will always look ridiculous in a skinny tie, even in his lighter, physically prime playing days.

No. 7. Choosing the Wrong Tie for a Particular Dress Code

This too, is an element that I’ve hammered home on this blog.  Wearing the wrong tie to the wrong event can leave the wrong type of impression.  A perfect example is a black tie dress code that requires a black bow tie.  Imagine showing up in something else, yikes. Mistake.

Thinking about wearing an animal motif print while giving a sales pitch or client presentation?

Think again, and opt for that conservative solid red or navy tie (or a burgundy striped tie if its winter).  Looking to wear a regimental striped tie to a beach wedding?  Think again – this time, the animal motif prints would actually work pretty damn well.

Our tie selection at The Dark Knot features a filtered search, including finding ties based on the type of occasion that you are dressing up for, so that you never look out of place again!

Top Style Mistake Wrong Tie Color

This isn't necessarily a bad choice of tie.  It's just the coif, and it's Trump. You gotta give credit (or hate), where its due.

Hopefully, you had as much fun reading this as I’ve had writing this particular piece.  Until next time!

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