5 tips for wearing a Brown Suit

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Do you wish you had an alternative to the countless charcoal grey and navy suits you continually wear to work, social events and weddings? What if you could choose a suit color that would have you looking peerless in comparison. Something that would elevate your style game to the next level. Cue the introduction of the Brown Suit.

Not everything has to be black, navy blue, or grey.  That’s right.  With the re-emergence of the brown colored suit over the last couple of years, being down with brown has become a trend too strong to continue to ignore.  

The discarded member of the suit family now has a case to be a more permanent fixture, and we can see why.  And I don’t just mean it because I am looking at this with the benefit of hindsight.  Brown looks visually appealing, in the way other fashion trends, like Crocs, simply don’t. 

Brown can include darker shades of brown as well as lighter shades such as Camel and Beige.  As with other matters related to color theory, darker shades of brown would suit the Fall and Winter Seasons more aptly, where earth tones are further appreciated.  Conversely, summer months should be accompanied by lighter shades of brown, as they are with lighter colors such as pastels and creams. 

So what is it that makes brown special?  Brown is a rich, versatile color that helps to bring out and enrich other colors.  Given its neutral underpinnings, it can go with virtually any color, though it does tend to work particularly well with shades of blue and green. So with the notion of yesteryear  that the brown suit is best suited (no pun) for less formal occasions now discarded , here are 5 tips for wearing a brown suit.

The Fit

While a well fitted charcoal grey, navy blue or black suit can make a significant difference, this effect is even more pronounced with brown.  Because brown has been affiliated with less formal settings for a long time, a well fitted brown suit will certainly indicate that you are legit.  And that you have plenty of swagger.  Now who wouldn’t want that.  Cue Craig Sager.

Three piece brown suit

The Shoes

While a lighter brown suit should go with a darker shade of brown shoes, a darker brown suit needs an even deeper shade of brown, such as cognac laceups.

Brown Suit with a Blue Tie

The Pattern

Brown Suits are extremely versatile and come in a range of options, from solids to pinstripes and windowpane checks.  These patterns are generally in greater abundance than you would traditionally find with navy blue or charcoal grey suits, and hence…embrace them!  Nothing adds a greater sense of dapper to your ensemble than introducing textures and patterns.  A worsted woolen brown suit in windowpane will look fantastic!

Three Piece Brown Suit

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The Shirt

Because a Brown Suit is so versatile, it can be paired with a white shirt, a light blue, a light pink or if you really want to get aggressive, even a light green shirt!  While brown is a neutral color, its rich and versatile properties make it stand apart from its more drab and tested counterpart, the color grey.  50 Shades of Grey are out (actually they were when that supposedly subpar book was written), and 50 Shades of Brown are now officially in.

Brown Suit


Again, as a result of the richness and versatility of brown, variation with accessories is a good thing.  Mix in a colorful pocket square or rock that woolen plaid brown or grey tie you’ve been wanting to for so long.  Remember, a well worn brown suit can set you heads and shoulders above the other dapper men in your vicinity.  Now that’s worth dressing up for.

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Three piece brown suit

And that's a wrap for this one. I hope that you have found this article informative and fun to read!

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