20 Style Mistakes Men Make

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Dressing incorrectly often says more about you than dressing well. In this detailed guide, we cover 20 style mistakes men make.

We get it. You’re looking to make the transition from star ensemble on revenge of the nerds to Rico Suave. You’re ready to rock'n'roll. Fitted trousers, dandy sports coats, snazzy ties and strikingly bold pocket squares. You know what to do to elevate your style game. But what should you NOT do. I’d argue that often, this is even more important! Just because your looking to transition your style game doesn’t mean you can’t inevitably end up dressing like Charles, Shaq or Chuck Norris (though that would be slightly awesome). With that said, here is our detailed list of 20 style mistakes men make!

1. Sunglasses indoors

Yes, we know doucheville can be fun. And if you are auditioning for a spot on Jersey Shore, such stylistic tendencies could come in handy. But please, leave sunglasses for their intended purposes.

2. Short Shorts

Looking for a game of hoops. Great – nothing wrong with some athletic endeavour. Hoops, like any sport though, should be complimented by proper athletic attire. We love you Larry, but now, we just can’t. Or in the words of John McEnroe – you cannot be serious!

What Men Shouldn't Wear

3. Skinny Jeans

Contrary to what you may think, this is not against what we preach. Too many double negatives there? I thought so too. Sure, slim fit is great – it can help provide a streamlined, smart look. Skinny jeans though, take you a little too far down hipsterville. Unless you’re skinny. Like European Skinny. The issue with skinny jeans is that they make your legs look shorter, making you appear less masculine. They also happen to be unflattering to men with the slightest bit of midsection fat.

Say no to skinny jeans, and say yes to manhood.

What Men Shouldn't Wear

Courtesy of www.gq.com

4. Sandals With Socks

Who are you, seriously? Sandals are designed for warm weather. Don’t try and throw chicken into your cake better, folks (unless that’s just what some of you love to do – then I can’t argue with that).

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Sandals with Socks

5. Velcro Shoes

Unless you’re being home schooled and 35 years old, Velcro shoes need to be avoided at all costs. While they are functional, they also tend to look and feel gimmicky.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Velcro Shoes

Courtesy of www.pinterest.com

6. Square Toe Shoes

I know that we all momentary felt dapper in college. When we went and splashed our mini fortunes on square toed shoes. However, nothing screams bad 90’s fashion like square toed shoes – clunky, barely functional and not all that aesthetic. Avoid looking like you’ve just come off a scuba diving expedition, and opt for more rounded shoes in the future.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Square Toed Shoes

Courtesy of www.realmenrealstyle.com

7. Poorly Fitted Clothing

Well fitted clothing flatters your body shape and garners compliments. Baggy or poorly fitted clothing looks sloppier than a Nicholas Cage fight sequence. You want something that looks put together. Transition away from Barkley and towards Dwayne Wade.

Now, having properly fitted clothing doesn’t mean that you must have all your garments slim fitted and uncomfortable. What’s important is that they are generally well fitted to your body shape.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Baggy Fitting Clothes

8. Pouring On The Cologne

Subtle hints of cologne are great. Dousing yourself in it like you just went Gucci water rafting is a whole other thing. Especially if it’s become a substitute for a daily shower. Please exercise caution, and issue the cologne baths an eviction notice.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Too Much Cologne

9. The Deep V-Neck

A faux pas, that even proud Jersey boys must ditch. Whether you are looking to flaunt your magic carpet or your fully waxed chest, a deep cut v-neck is a flat out epic fail. We are not in Rome, and you certainly are not gladiator.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Deep V-Neck

10. Mismatched Belt & Shoes

There are few cardinal rules of men’s style that absolutely, irrevocably cannot be broken. This. Is. One. Of. Them. Always ensure that your belt matches your shoes – black with black and brown with brown. Ok – it’s not literally that easy. To truly display a sense of style, you want to match the colors as closely as possible. Ideally, you want to match the texture of the belt and shoes as well. 

As an example, if you have a cognac pair of oxford captoes and a cognac pair of suede Chelsea boots, you would need one leather belt and one suede belt to match the shoes, respectively.

What Men's Should Wear - Mismatched Belt & Shoes

11. Logo Embroidered Pants

Despite the noblest of intentions amongst savvy designers, repeating peacock patterns, green whales or pink lobsters should be avoided at all costs. If I want an unreasonable smogasboard of colors and patterns, I have a kaleidoscope, thank you very much.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Logo Embroidered Pants

Courtesy of www.pinterest.com

12. Clothing with Large Logos

This is the ultimate entrance test for doucheville. This would actually land you permanent residency. Clothing that displays big brand logos is just flat out obnoxious. Ditch the designer clothing just for branding. You are more than a brand. Buy clothing that fits your body shape and with your aesthetic. And if there is subtle branding – so be it.

As a general rule of thumb, the branding should never detract attention from the item of clothing.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Clothing With Large Logos

Courtesy of www.ashleyweston.com


13. Dress Shoes With Tennis Shoe Soles

Can I say barf? I understand you my have a bad back. Then endure the pain, or dress fully casual. Please don’t mix oil and water here.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Dress Shoes With Tennis Shoe Soles


Maybe this works with a game of croquet. Either way, it should be avoided at all costs!

14. Matching Ties & Pocket Squares

Style looks great if it hasn’t been bought at your neighborhood’s garage sale. Complement your ties and pocket squares – don’t match them, like they came pre-set in a gift box at the local flea market. Unless, of course, you want to dress like the local weather man.

The cardinal rule for coordinating a pocket square is to not match the tie in color, pattern, or texture. Instead, adopt a coordinating and complementary color that will add something to your outfit. Try utilizing a cotton or linen white pocket square with your navy tie. This subtle look will demonstrate both assertiveness and authority.

Please feel free to view The Dark Knot’s range of linen and silk pocket squares, that can be filtered according to matching tie pattern and color.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Matching Ties & Pocket Squares

Pocket Squares from The Dark Knot

15. Untucked Dress Shirts

There is a reason why dress shirts are so long. They are meant to be tucked in. If you are looking for a more casual look, opt for a buttoned down shirt, or a tailor made dress shirt that is designed exclusively for casual wear (shorter dress shirt length / hems).

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Untucked Dress Shirts

Keep your dress shirts tucked in. Courtesy of www.modestmanstyle.com

16. Crocs

Really? Yes, absolutely not. Not even at home. Just. Never.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Crocs

17. Choker

Unless your Brady from the Greek System on Spring Break, the choker should be left out. Actually, its mandatory.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Choker

Please don’t be that guy! Courtesy of www.dismagazine.com

18. Incorrectly combining patterns

You’re probably familiar with the rule – don’t wear stripes with plaid. Combining patterns in a formal outfit is challenging and inviting. Doing it correctly shows a true sense of style and a discerning eye for what looks good.

To ensure that your pattern combinations are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, ensure that pattern proportion is paid to first. What matters is the scale of your patterns. Therefore, even if the patterns are the same, a wider striped tie will work perfectly against a narrower striped shirt.

If pattern proportions are different, you can start to introduce different patterns. How about a wider spaced foulard pattern set against a microcheckered shirt?

To view The Dark Knot’s extensive range of silk ties that can be filtered according to matching suit and shirt color and patterns, please click here.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Incorrectly Combining Patterns

Wider scaled tie patterns pair perfectly with a smaller patterned shirt, with the contrast in pattern spacing allowing for a dapper look. Courtesy of www.fashionbeans.com

19. Incorrect Tie Length

Extra long ties. A definite no. Ties that are too short. Also a no. Ideally, the tip of your tie should reach your belt buckle. Else, you’re either gonna look like pee-wee herman, or like Chuck Norris with a weapon. 

Additionally, the width of your ties is important. Firstly, match the width of your tie to the width of your suit jacket lapel. If you are a big and tall man, your lapel will naturally be larger. Make sure that the tie is in proportion to the same.

Attaining the proper tie length can be problematic for taller men. Please feel free to view The Dark Knot’s range of extra long ties (for men 6’1 and over)

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Incorrect Tie Length

Courtesy of www.bespokeunit.com

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20. No Visers

Enough Said.

What Men Shouldn't Wear - Visers

And that's a wrap for this one! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as we did writing it!

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