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In today’s post, as opposed to conducting our usual business of imparting our Craig Sager style sartorial advice, I’ve decided to take an alternative route and review a fast up and coming men’s grooming products company, Brickell Men’s Products.  While paying attention to men’s style is something that we strongly champion on this blog, it is no secret that men’s grooming, a.k.a ‘manscaping’ has taken the world by storm.  Men are paying closer attention to how they look, and in general we are looking to put our best foot forward, now more than anytime in at least the last three decades.  Grooming kits are taking this to unparalleled heights, as more and more of us abandon our ‘manly’ behavior and actually adopt gentleman-ly behavior.  Sure, rough and rugged is great, but who said we can’t be macho while looking pretty at the same time.  Cue, our introduction to our Brickell Men’s Products Review.

Company background and overview

Brickell Men’s Products was started by Josh Meyer and Matt Bolduc when they  were researching ingredients that went into grooming products that they were individually contemplating.  After realizing that the vast majority of grooming products companies offered were using synthetic ingredients, they decided to embark on their own adventure.  One that would bring natural, organic grooming products to the market.  With improvements in technology, they grasped a fundamental concept that is core to their business values: with the availability of modern technology, great men’s skin care products can be created using completely natural ingredients. They also felt that the best skin care products out there were largely geared towards the ladies, and so these two fine gentlemen decided to take matters into their own hands. 

Brickell Men's Products

Their vision at Brickell Men’s Products is effective and embodies a lifestyle shift: To create the most effective, skin care and grooming products for men.  As stated on their website: “We wanted something a guy could wear while leading a business meeting, playing some pick up football, or a night out on the town with a special lady.”

Individual Product Reviews

When my initial grooming kit arrived from Brickell Men’s Products, I was thrilled to see that they had sent over six products from their extensive range.  Brickell’s grooming products are offered across three major categories: Face, Shave and Body & Hair. I was fortunate enough to receive a representative set from each of these major categories.  Before getting into the individual product details, I would like to point out a few essential ingredients they use across various products so that you don’t get lost with some of the technical jargon later!

Aloe Vera: One of the most effective natural ingredients you can apply to your skin due to its strong moisturizing abilities

Jojoba: A seed which protects your skin by building a protective cushion around it, helping in provide that essential element in grooming: moisture retention

Shea Butter: A good, natural fat filled with essential vitamins for your skin such as A, E and F.

Face Wash

While body and hair products are essential, when we think of grooming as men, we typically thinking of grooming our facial skin and shaving products.  Speak to a local dermatologist, and they will stress the importance of washing your facial skin before sleep and when you wake up.  Applying an effective face wash in the morning prevents excessive oil production, and applying it before night time allows the skin to replenish itself over night.

Brickell Men's Products Face Wash for men


Brickell’s face wash is a natural face wash that is an ideal alternative for more synthetic counterparts.  It’s natural face wash is a cleanser packed with extracts and vitamins that moisturize, while charcoal deeply cleanses your pores leaving your face looking brighter and cleaner.  Olive oil dissolves dirty oils and replenishes skin with healthy, cleaner ones, while Jojoba and Aloe cap this ultimate experience by soothing and hydrating skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling great. 

In non technical language, I can simply tell you that this face wash felt great.  My skin felt soothed and hydrated after, and the subtle citrus scent is nothing short of a difference maker.  I have tried other face wash products in the market, and I can safely tell you that Brickell Men’s Products has created an effective cleansing, soothing and hydrating face wash, all while you feel completely refreshed and smelling damn good! The feeling of starting the day and going to bed with clean, refreshed skin simply cannot be beat.  Who wouldn’t want this?!?  And if it wasn’t enough, supposedly most charcoal based face washes in the market place are abrasive.  There is nothing abrasive about the face wash by Brickell.  That’s a guarantee.  Not convinced yet?  Head over to and check out the over 400 positive reviews they have received!

Face Moisturizer

Brickell’s face moisturizer adds another essential element of men’s grooming to their extensive product range.  Moisturizers are essential to helping keep your skin look refreshed, and this helps prevent cracks, dryness and other blemishes that age your skin.  The whole point of moisturizing is to prevent your face from aging, which in this case means long term damage like wrinkles, fine lines, and cracks as mentioned above.

Brickell Men's Products Face Moisturizer

As is the case with all of their products, Brickell’s Face Moisturizer is made from all natural ingredients, comprising of Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Shea Butter and Green Tea.   The Aloe Vera helps with moisturizing, Jojoba helps with moisture retention, the Shea Butter contains vitamins A,E and F and the Green Tea contains anti-oxidants.

Again, in non technical language, the moisturizer has felt great to apply, with its hydrating properties and subtle citrus smell.  This overall combination actually makes me want to try it on several times a day, and alas, I restrict myself and apply it once a day! The face moisturizer lasts a long time and so applying it once a day during the mornings will leave you good to go!

Face Scrub

Brickell’s face scrub prepares you for the perfect shave (using Brickell’s shaving cream, surprise!) by exfoliating away dirt, dead skin and other facial impurities.  Nourishing natural moisturizes leave your skin soft and unirritated, along with leaving your facial hairs perched upwards, positioned perfectly for your shave treatment. Brickell Men's Products Face Scrub

Ingredients are all natural, as always, and consist of JoJo Beads, Aloe Vera, Avocado Butter and Vitamin E and Coffee Extract / Green Tea.  The JoJo beads help purify the your skin and remove away dirt and dead skin.  The Aloe Vera, Avocado Butter and Vitamin E nourish the skin for a refreshed, moisturized feel, while Coffee Extract and Green Tea energize your skin.

Non technically speaking, I felt completely refreshed after applying the facial scrub, and literally felt my skin soften as I prepared it for the ultimate male ritual: Shaving (see next)

Shaving Cream

Brickell provides a non-lathering shaving cream intended to give gentlemen a close, clean shave.  With natural ingredients glycerin, jojoba and aloe vera.  Glycerin helps to soften your whiskers and gently lifts them up for an ultra close shave, while the Jojoba helps to create a protective cushion around your skin, allowing your blade to glide as close as possible without causing irritation.  The Aloe Vera helps to sooth the skin. 

Brickell Men's Products Shaving Cream

From a non-technical standpoint, shaving using Brickell’s non-lathering shaving cream felt damn good!  It’s really that simple.  The cream felt like more of a lotion as it was applied to my face, but the natural ingredients ensure that you get a close shave without irritating the skin.  Moreover, their scented version (which I was fortunately sent) consists of a refreshing essential oil blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass, resulting in a completely refreshing feel during shave and post shave.  For someone that has often considered shaving a chore, I have to admit that I now look forward to shaving with their gorgeous smelling, soft shaving lotion like cream.  It’s an absolute must try!

Mint Soap Scrub Bar

While Brickell Men’s Products offers both a mint body wash and a soap scrub bar, I was given the pleasure of trying their soap scrub bar.  Their mint soap scrub bar energizes and deep cleanses the body while exfoliating dirt away.  With natural ingredients comprising of Olive & Tea Tree Oil, Coconut & Palm Oil and Ground peppermint leaves,  this bar will leave you feeling completely cleansed and refreshed after.  The Olive & Tea Tree Oil cleanse and remove dirt from the skin, Coconut & Palm Oil nourish and hydrate the body with essential vitamins, while ground peppermint exfoliates rough patches of skin. 

Brickell Men's Products Men's Soap Scrub

Casually speaking, I felt completely refreshed and cleansed after using their Mint Scrub Bar.  The peppermint scent added to the overall effect of feeling completely energized.

Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Brickell’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo was offered to create thicker, stronger hair through a combination of natural ingredients.  It’s natural cleansers provide a deep cleansing experience with a flake-free scalp.  Its this soft but effective cleansing touch that makes Brickell’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo a product to have.

Brickell Men's Products Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Consisting of natural ingredients (surprise, surprise) Hydrolized Wheat Protein, Amino acids, Vitamin E and Peppermint & Tea Tree oil, this cleansing mix provides an effective solution to hair maintenance.  The Hydrolized Wheat Protein increases the thickness of each hair strand, and strengthens the underlying hair structure, while Amino Acids restore hair shine and increase follicle volume.  Vitamin E helps to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles for hair growth and hair loss minimization, while the Pepper Mint and Tea Tree Oil relieve scalp irritation and destroy skin flakes.

Conversationally speaking, Brickell’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo deeply cleanses and enriches ones hair, all while helping to maintain a peppermint scent, that, combined with their mint soap scrub bar or mint body wash, will have you feeling completely refreshed!

Overall Summary,

I think that the above product reviews speak volumes about this company.  Brickell Men’s Products core philosophy of using natural ingredients through all of their products, with a focus on cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating , all while providing a subtle yet manly scent, that is usually in the form of citrus / lemongrass, ensures that their grooming kit or individual products will leave you going back for more.  And it should come as no surprise then that the gentlemen over at Brickell have decided to offer subscription products for each individual product or grooming kits in general.

While I have not addressed pricing for each individual product above, I will address respective pricing here (USD):

Face Wash: $25

Face Moisturizer: $35

Renewing Face Scrub: $22

Brushless Shave Cream: $24

Men’s Scrub Bar: $12

Daily Shampoo: $20

While the pricing on these items may appear expensive, Brickell is offering a natural, organic based product that is literally a lifestyle changer.  With options for combining products to reduce pricing via sets or grooming kits, there are reasons aplenty to adopt this company as part of your daily grooming / lifestyle routine!

Still not sure if you want to check them out? Try out their starter kits or their virtually risk-free sample kits!

Have you tried Brickell's Men's Products?  We would love to hear your thoughts below!



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