How to Wear Skinny Ties

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With the strong emergence of this recent trend, we cover how to wear skinny ties in this detailed guide.

Often times as men first start to try and become more fashionable there are a few things that they jump to as easy remedies for a lack of fashion knowledge.  These are typically trendy items that are thought to be the mark of fashion conscious men like fedoras, super skinny ties, sneakers with a suit, etc. The tough thing is that these are also the hardest trends to pull off as they are usually the go-to items for fashionable beginners to gravitate towards, leading to legions of men adopting them for a week or so and failing to pull them off successfully.

While only the most stylish celebrities can really pull off a fedora these days, a skinny tie or slim tie worn correctly can boost the style of any man with a bit of know how. Some of the most stylish men in television history can be seen sporting the skinny tie dating all the way back to the skinny tie’s start in the 1960s.

Knowing how to wear skinny ties correctly will take a bit of fashion knowledge, but has fast become a trend that can look great in a lot of situations.

What is a Skinny Tie?

The traditional width of a tie is roughly 3.5 inches, and this is measured at the widest point of the tie, which would obviously be close to the bottom. Slim ties are typically thought to be between 2.5 inches and 3 inches with skinny ties being regarded as anything less than 3 inches in width.

If you are following that then the slim tie is a bit like the square in the classic all squares are rectangles are squares, but not all rectangles are squares characterization. Skinny ties, simply put, then are pretty much any tie that is less than 3 inches, which includes slim ties.

Correct Tie Width

As with any type of tie there is more to the tie than simply the width; the color, pattern, and tie knot all come into play while trying pulling off a style. Skinny ties are best kept to the more conservative styles as skinny ties are already quite a trendy and fashion forward choice.

This means that solid colors, traditional plaids and stripes are a great way to do something stylishly adventurous with an otherwise conservatively patterned tie.

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Skinny Tie

Skinny Ties are best suited with a narrow, pointed collar and when tied with a four-in-hand knot, adding to their casual yet elegant nature!

How to Wear Skinny Ties

Wearing skinny ties is a bit more involved than simply picking out a slimmer tie and making sure the colors work with the rest of your outfit.  While this is a start, what is worn with the skinny tie is just as important. When wearing a skinny tie the best thing to do is to make sure the rest of the outfit follows suit.

This means that everything else about your suit or outfit should also be kept narrow, narrow trousers, a slim fitted shirt, and a slim suit jacket are necessary for pulling of a skinny tie.

A rule to keep in mind is that your tie should never stray too far the width of your lapel, and vice versa. If ever in doubt lay your tie on top of your lapel and make sure that the widest part of each matches up more or less. The collar of the shirt should also be on the narrow end as wider and larger collars will overpower the skinny tie.

Tie Width vs Lapel Width

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One of the great things about a skinny tie is that the small width of the tie lends itself perfectly to more casual settings. Classic looks like a skinny tie and a waistcoat or a skinny tie with jeans let you tread the line between casual and formal at the same time.

In the same vein the skinny tie, being more casual, should not be worn in extremely formal settings. When worn correctly you could get away with wearing a quality black silk skinny tie, but for the most part it is best to keep the skinny ties for less formal situations where a suit or tie are still smiled upon but might not be entirely mandatory.

How to Wear a Skinny Tie

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Skinny Tie Accessories 

Skinny ties on their own are already a fashionable accessory, but a skinny tie also lends itself very well to other accessories. A slim tie bar and a skinny tie along with a well tailored suit will have any man looking put together, professional and ready for most anything. A tie pin along with a skinny tie will also add a bit of class to a trendy item and keep your tie in the place at the same time.

These two accessories are perfect for keeping a skinnier tie in place as they have a tendency to flop around more so than their wider counterparts. However, if you are going for a truly casual look feel free to let the tie swing freely, and even mess up the knot a bit to let the back end of the tie slide out to give a more asymmetrical look.

Tie Clips & Accessories

A Skinny Tie with a tie bar can add just the right amount of flair to your ensemble!  Courtesy of

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Wearing skinny ties has never been easier at this point as the trend continues to move its way into the mainstream as a response to the “wide-everything” trend of the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

As the skinny tie has become more acceptable in formal settings it has also emigrated from a style just for creatives and artistic types, meaning that nearly everyone can work a few skinny ties into their wardrobe.

Skinny ties however are to be favored most by slim taller men as the ties can accentuate the wider aspects of men when worn incorrectly, but when worn correctly (with the proper narrow accessories) skinny ties can make any man seem taller and slimmer.

When wondering how exactly to wear skinny ties remember the important rules, keep the tie simple, keep everything narrow, and use your judgment to make sure you don’t go too skinny with your skinny tie.

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