9 Tips for Men's Summer Layering

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So the Summer Season is in full swing and you are looking to exude an air of debonair without sweating up a rainstorm. Yes, that can often be a challenging task, especially when we don’t know how to layer clothes for the warmer months of the year. Textural variation is great, and the notion of switching out of wool and into cotton and linen certainly helps, but there are far more options to consider when looking to create that ideal summer look. With that said, here are 9 tips for layering men’s clothes for the Summer Season!

1. Successive layers of clothing should be heavier in weight.

This general rule of thumb with men’s fashion has always held true, though it has taken a reversal of trends in some circles in recent years. If, for example, you are strutting a linen shirt with linen pants, it is best to go for a light wool jacket. Three layers of linen will make your ensemble look out of place. After all, textural variation is another element in developing contrast that will allow your ensembles to truly stand out!

Light Woolen Suit Summer Season

A Tropical Woolen Suit is ideal for Spring & Summer Seasons, as it allows you to dress formally without being affected by that enervating summer heat! Courtesy of www.articlesofstyle.com

2. Mix Darker Colors with Lighter Colors.

While the temptation to wear all light pink or light blue may be stronger than Draymond Green’s continuous impulse to let his legs wander in the realm of a man’s privates, I highly suggest that you mix in darker shades of clothing. Generally, going with two pieces of lighter colored clothing is the most you want to opt for, so as to create sufficient contrast with the third piece. A darker colored jacket or pair of trousers will often do the trick!

Darker Blue Jacket Summer MonthsA Darker Blue Jacket can contrast wonderfully with lighter items during the Summer Months! Courtesy of www.nordicfit.com

3. Embrace darker suits in their entirety.

While this may turn conventional wisdom on its head, darker suits in lighter materials such as linen, cotton or higher super woolen fabrics (Super 150’s and up), will provide you with fabrics that breathe well in the enervating heat! A darker brown all linen suit or a navy seersucker suit are two options that you could consider when going for that dapper cooler suit!

Double Breasted Brown Linen Suit

A Stunning Double Breasted Brown Linen Suit, Courtesy of www.mnswr.com

4. Trade away from cotton and linen.

While lighter weight fabrics will certainly help you dress as a sartorially inclined gentleman, options also abound with traditional suiting fabrics such as wool.

Instead of opting for a heavier wool fabric, go for a woolen suit with a high Super Count (the higher the Super Number, the finer the yarns), which will result in a lighter weight suit that you can strut during the Summer Months!

Be careful to ensure that your Higher Super Count Suits are constructed from wool that are sourced from reputable mills. While the super count will determine how fine the yarn is, there is no fix for woolen material sourced from poor quality mills!

High Super Wool Count Suit

A High Super Wool Count Suit is ideal for the Summer Months! Courtesy of www.pinterest.com


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5. Consider the lining of your jackets.

Just because you may be wearing a lighter material jacket doesn’t imply that it will feel lighter if there is sufficient lining on the inside. Be sure to not overlook this important consideration!

Unlined Blue Summer Jacket

Summer Jackets that are unlined will do a much better job of protecting you from those incredibly strong heat rays!

6. Pay attention to construction of your clothing items.

A lighter material shirt made of linen or cotton will not have a starch finish as would a Thomas Pink Shirt – hence, this should be worn with an unstructured lighter material jacket / blazer. A starched formal shirt with an alternating dress color would look extremely awkward under an unstructured jacket!

Unstructured Suits & Shirts

Unstructured Suits + Shirts will make your clothing mesh well together during the Summer Months, without creating an awkward contrast between a stiff shirt and unstructured suit, or vice versa! Courtesy of www.articlesofstyle.com

7. Opt for the undershirt in the Summer Season!

Undershirts will help to soak up sweat and prevent staining of your dressier shirts!

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8. Embrace no look socks or loafers.

When out wearing casual or business casual during the day on the weekends or while out in the evenings, no look socks can certainly help in alleviating that enervating heat.

Summer Suit w/ Loafers

Loafers are an ideal look to sport during the Summer Months! Courtesy of www.pinterest.com

9. Add textured Pocket Squares to your wardrobe.

With regard to Pocket Squares, a Linen or Cotton Pocket Square can add a perfect element of textural variation to your ensemble, without adding the unnecessary sheen for the summer months!

Linen Pocket Square

The Dark Knot's Middlebury Checkered Linen Pocket Square is an ideal accessory choice during the Summer Months!

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And that’s a wrap for this one! I hope that you have had as much fun reading this article as I have had writing it!

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