A Guide To Wallets And Money Clips For The Modern Man

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You can never leave your house without your wallet or money clip. That means that you must incorporate it into your personal style. It’s a good idea to have at least three options in your accessory arsenal, and with a variety of options and designs, this guide can help you sort out which type might be right for you and when.

Carrying a wallet is one of the great rites of passage into manhood.  By the time a boy has grown to be a man, he has a pretty good idea of how a wallet should look and feel while he’s carrying it. The way that we carry our money and identification says a lot about who we are and what sort of lives we live. There’s a security in knowing where your wallet is at all times and the habit of how you carry it helps avoid losing track of it because you automatically put it away.

A Guide to Wallets

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Genuine Leather Wallets

Leather signifies craftsmanship and an appreciation for natural fabrics. When it comes to wallets, some of the most finely-made wallets are made of genuine leather. The way to tell quality leather is by the look and feel of it. The surface should be supple and you should be able to see the pores of the leather. Bending the leather will make it easier to tell if it has been painted, or if the material has been dyed.

A good leather wallet will last a long time and will develop a patina after prolonged use, which is one of the reasons that leather makes such a great luxury material. There aren’t many materials that actually improve in the way they look after using it a while, but leather does. It’s strength makes it long lasting, so a sleek, minimalist leather wallet will make a great investment in your wardrobe. 

A Guide to Wallets, Leather

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"Like Leather" Wallets

A real leather wallet costs a little bit more but lasts for a very long time if you take good care of it. “Like” leather wallets have the look of leather from a distance, but are actually made from artificial faux leather such as pleather. For a fraction of the cost of the real stuff, these wallets can look elegant for a short period of time. They quickly fall apart and look bad with some use.

Just because a faux leather wallet isn’t going to last very long doesn’t mean that you can’t carry one. Sometimes it makes sense not to carry your money and identification in your regular, more expensive wallet and need a less expensive option. In these cases, faux leather gives you a more natural and polished look than choices such as canvas.

Other Fabrics

Wallets can be made from canvas and other fabrics as well, but this is more rare. That’s because like pleather, other types of fabrics are not as strong and durable as leather and metal are. This means that with prolonged use they will fall apart or look shabby. However, a canvas wallet is perfect for when you are doing an activity that isn’t appropriate for your fine leather wallet, such as physical work or water activities.

A Guide to Wallets, Canvas Wallet

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How to Wear Wallets and Money Clips

When it comes to choosing an everyday wallet, focus on something sophisticated but durable and minimalist. Those qualities will lead you to a wallet that goes with everything, isn’t bulky or oddly-shaped, and lasts a long time.

Wearing a Money Clip

Money clips have the advantage of being very small, which means that you can hide them seamlessly inside your clothes even in a thin suit pocket. The obvious disadvantage is that you can’t carry very many items with you. If you can pack light, a lightweight money clip can be a no-fuss solution to stylishly keeping your money and identification sorted.

How to Wear a Money Clip

The Dark Knot's Panther Money Clip

Using a Slim Wallet

A slim wallet folds once and can hold a flattened out dollar bill. Other slim options require you to fold the money before putting it into the wallet. These options work well with fabrics that are very thin and enables you to keep a few more items in your pocket than the money clip allows.

A Guide to Wallets, Slim Wallet

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Slim Wallets | Minimalist Wallets

Using a Bifold

With a bi fold wallet, you can carry more items with you. But a bulky wallet is heavy, looks sloppy and wears on the material your clothes are made of, whether you carry your wallet in your pants pocket or your suit jacket. Minimalist styles will help you avoid the bulky wallet look.

And that's a wrap for this wallets and money clips! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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