How To Tie The Eldredge Knot

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Learning How To Tie The Eldredge Knot is a step towards the metaphorical stylistic edge. A way of leaping out of your comfort zone, and trying something truly unique and different. In this blog post, we will cover How To Tie The Eldredge Knot, in addition to discussing the history of the knot and when it is appropriate to wear one!

The time has come. You’ve got your hands on that all elusive tie – the neckpiece that will supposedly elevate your style into a Ryan Gosling or Timberlake-ish stratosphere. Except, you’re going to a dinner party, and you don’t want to rock the same old knot. The tried and tested three knot trinity – The Four In Hand, The Half Windsor & Full Windsor have become the tried and boring. Rinse and repeat. And you want to change that – to walk in with aplomb. Cue The Eldredge Knot. In this guide, we will discuss How To Tie The Eldredge Knot, in addition to discussing the type of collars the knot can be worn with, and specific occasions that it is best suited for!

Eldredge Knot

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Eldredge Knot Summary:

  • Knot Size: Fairly Large Knot
  • Symmetry: Not Fully Symmetrical
  • Difficulty: Difficult To Tie (Given Several Layered Components)
  • Collar Type: Best Worn With A Wide Spread Collar
  • Occasion: Social Occasions, Evening Out, Date Night

History Of The Knot

The Eldredge Knot was invented by Jerry Eldredge in 2007 (yes, the 2000’s were a decade of style innovation!). The Eldredge Knot is a non symmetrical knot (leaning towards the wearer’s right side) that consists of four diagonal sections and one horizontal section.

Type of Collar

Given the unique and intricate nature of this knot, the Eldredge knot requires a wider spread collar. While The Eldredge Knot is non symmetrical, it is a wider, substantive knot that is best complemented by a wider spread collar.  

Consider The Occasion

It is important to note than an Eldredge Knot is best reserved for more casual occasions, such as a cocktail party / dinner or date night! This tie knot is simply too intricate and holds too much of a novelty factor to be worn in more formal settings such as a work presentation, wedding reception or black tie event!

The Eldredge Tie Knot requires a unique, unconventional tie tying process, where the narrower end of the tie is used to tie the tie. Typically, with other, more conventional knots, the tie knot is tied with the wider end of the tie. The fact that the Eldredge knot consists of multiple, intricate layers, results in the tie being tied with the narrower end.

Silk Ties from The Dark Knot

How To Tie The Eldredge Knot

  1. Place the tie around your neck, with the wide end of the tie around your right side and the skinny end around your left. Position the wide end of the tie to a length that you would like to finish at.
  2. Cross the skinny end of the tie over the wide end, and towards your right.
  3. Bring the skinny end of the tie underneath the knot, and over towards your left.
  4. Pull up the skinny end of the tie through the neck loop, and bring it to your right side.
  5. Cross it over the knot, towards your left.
  6. Pull it up through the loop from underneath, and then pass the skinny end.
  7. Wrap the skinny end underneath the knot, towards your left, while keeping the fabric loose!
  8. Cross it over to the right and bring it through the loop that you have just created in the previous step.
  9. Pull the skinny end of the tie towards your right to tighten it (as we had previously kept it loose before).
  10. Pull the skinny end of the tie up through the neck loop (section of tie around your neck), and bring it through, onto your right side.
  11. Now bring the skinny end of the tie up towards the center, towards the neck loop (section of tie around your neck) and bring it down towards the neckloop on your left. Please ensure that this is kept loose!
  12. Bring the skinny end across the front to your left, and through the loop you made in the previous step.
  13. Bring the skinny end towards your right, and tighten.
  14. Tuck the remainder of the skinny end behind the neck loop on your right hand side.
  15. Now carry your new tie knot with absolute swagger and confidently place yourself amongst the very top in terms of tie knot technical ability!

How To Tie The Eldredge Knot

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Alternatively, please check out this excellent tutorial by My Nice Tie:

And that’s a wrap for this one! We hope that you have found this article both enjoyable and informative!

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