Orange & Cream Paisley Silk Pocket Square
Orange & Cream Paisley Silk Pocket Square
Orange & Cream Paisley Silk Pocket Square
Orange & Cream Paisley Silk Pocket Square

Gloucester Paisley Silk Pocket Square, Orange / Cream

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Gloucester Paisley Orange / Cream is a contemporary hand made silk paisley pocket square with an intricate orange motif set against a cream background.  This is finished with crisp burgundy hand rolled edges. 

Wear this jaw dropping piece with a puff or edged puff fold for some serious addition of color and sophistication to your ensemble! 


Wear this exquisite silk pocket square with a suit or just your jacket for refined elegance and textural variation. This versatile piece will give your ensemble that perfect finishing touch at your next wedding reception, your next date, or can be worn the next time you are frequenting your favorite whiskey or cigar lounge!


Our experts suggest matching this magnificent silk pocket square with a blue, navy or grey solid, striped, abstract, plaid or polka silk tie, which will perfectly complement the orange and cream tones of this intricate paisley motif . Burgundy hand rolled contrasting edges provide further sophistication. 

Alternatively, this square can be worn with a jacket and a solid, striped or checkered blue, white, or grey shirt


Size: 17 inches x 17 inches 

Fabric: 100% silk twill weave, hand made, provides for luxurious, supple touch along with enhanced durability.

Hand Rolled Contrasting Edges offer an extra element of flair and panache, while providing for that perfect, crisp finish!


Presented in an elegant black gift box along with a card with recommendations for matching attire. 

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