The 10 Best Luxury Ties For Men

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A great necktie is a vehicle of expression, a status symbol, and a statement of masculinity. Few - if any, accessories accentuate a man’s taste and personality like a great necktie and with so many choices it can be frustrating to decide which best suits you. 

High quality and long life is what we are after. Perhaps the easiest way to narrow your options is to stick to natural fibers and avoid synthetics. This means keep away from polyesters and keep an eye out for wools, silks, linens and cottons. Most ties are going to be made from either silk or wool, so this should not be too difficult to remember. 

Thicker, woolen interlining is something else to keep an eye out for. Though not entirely necessary for all looks, it is essential for rich and thick knots. 

Silk tipping is also a good sign. Quality tie makers tip their ties (underside of the tie) with silk, giving the tie an elegant finished look. Sub par tie makers sometimes skimp and use polyester (ah, plastic!). 

A great tie cannot only enhance an already great outfit, but can also let onlookers see into your personality. Luxury neckties can also get quite pricey, so choose wisely.

To help you get a head-start, we have scoured the Internet and found our favorite high-end neckties to complete your best looks:

1. Tom Ford, Contrast Basketweave Silk Tie $260

Tom Ford Basket Weave Silk Tie

Tom Ford Basket Weave Blue Silk Tie

Coming in #1, Tom Ford.  Ford has a unique way of creating soft, yet boldly masculine pieces. His basketweave silk tie collection consists of beautiful, slim lines and subtle designs. Amazing, modern details. This tie is 100% silk and made in Italy. The delicate coloring keeps you looking approachable, but the powerful design keeps you professional. Big price tag, as you would expect.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo, Gancini-Print Tie $190

Ferragamo Grey Printed Silk Tie

Ferragamo Grey Printed Silk Tie

Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian staple designer. It is no doubt that some of the most beautiful textiles in the world come out of Italy, and Ferragamo uses them. The Gancini print comes in a soft, smoke gray and blends in bolder colors and details perfectly. This tie is soft and sophisticated, perfect to lighten up your mood.  100% silk, made in Italy.

3. Hermes, Demi Mors Tie $195

Hermes Burgundy Printed Silk Tie

Hermes Burgundy Printed Silk Tie

Hermes, if you are going for art prints you might as well go big. The Hermes Demi Mors tie is a rich burgundy with “half bits [to] assemble a female silhouette”. I have to admit that this was not my first thought of the somewhat techy design, but love it nonetheless. Sophisticated coloring with interesting details.100% hand-sewn heavy silk. Made in France.

4. Canali, Pink Spotted and Striped Pure Silk Tie $160

Canali Pink Striped Silk Tie

Canali Pink Striped Silk Tie

Coming in at #4 we have another Italian tailor-made brand, Canali. A traditional Italian brand that prides itself on “creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort”. Playful yet sophisticated, this beautiful tie is the perfect blend of modern and traditional. The pink spotted and striped tie is striking and perfect for any occasion. 100% silk, made in Italy.

5. The Dark Knot, Bellano Floral Silk Tie Navy / Silver $175

Navy Floral Italian Tie

Navy Floral Italian Tie

Perhaps the most self-explanatory brand on the list is The Dark Knot. The Dark Knot prides itself on providing the market with affordable luxury neckties. Bellano Floral is a stunning design with a floral silver pattern set against a deep twill background. Made in Italy, 100% woven silk. Sophisticated coloring with playful details. A great basic to keep for all occasions that may require a necktie. 

6. Thomas Pink, Floral Medallion Printed Silk Tie $190

Thomas Pink Green Medallion Printed Silk Tie

What’s a great necktie list without Thomas Pink?  Traditional designs, modernized for today’s gentleman. The Floral Medallion silk tie features a beautiful floral print against a green background.   Best described by the company itself, “a piercing depth of color in a playful and sophisticated palette”.  100% silk. A perfect balance of earth tones to add to your collection.

7. Ralph Lauren, Plaid-Print Cashmere-Silk Tie $250

Ralph Lauren Plaid Print Cashmere Silk Tie

Ralph Lauren Plaid Cashmere Silk Tie

Ralph Lauren is the preppy standard. They offer everything from classic plaids and stripes to nautical and golf themed prints. Though we are not much for large novelty prints, Ralph Lauren certainly knows how to make a plaid. Made from a luxurious cashmere and silk blend this Plaid Print Cashmere-Silk tie is a must have for today’s gentleman. 

8. Bulgari, Cloudlin $225

Bulgari Red & White Printed Silk Tie

Bulgari Red & White Printed Silk Tie

If fun prints are your thing, try Bulgari’s Cloudlin.  This luxurious design features printed clouds and blimps against a rich red background. Subtle and sweet, yet powerful and bold. Red is a great choice for those who demand power and attention – tweak it, and take it down a notch with this airy print.  100% silk.

9. Tom Ford, Spaced Double Stripe Twill Classic Tie $260

Tom Ford Double Stripe Twill Classic Tie

Tom Ford Double Stripe Twill Classic Tie

Another sleek design by Tom Ford, the Spaced Double Striped Twill Classic is a sophisticated blend of neutrals. Wear this tie to formal events, or dress to impress at a cocktail hour. This silk, linen blend is anything but bland. Natural colors and clean lines.  A little stiffer than your usual pure silk ties, giving you a rich and thick knot.

10. The Dark Knot, Columbia Foulard Silk Tie Blue / Silver $85

The Dark Knot Blue Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot Blue Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot’s Columbia Foulard Silk tie is a sophisticated and approachable design, featuring a beautiful, rich navy blue with a repeating silver floral pattern. This woven silk tie is guaranteed to make a statement. This tie is sophisticated and polished, an ideal choice when looking to make a great impression. Handmade 100% silk with a woolen interfacing that helps yield a substantive, thick knot.

And that's a wrap for this one! We hope that you have enjoyed reading this list as much as we did compiling it!

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