The 22 Best Men's Style & Lifestyle Blogs in 2019

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The proliferation of the men’s blogosphere over the last few years has resulted from an increase in both high quality men’ style and lifestyle blogs.  While our blog at The Dark Knot is devoted towards men’s style, the list below is broken down into both style and lifestyle blogs.  These content portals are true testaments to the power of sustained quality over a long period of time.  In our opinion, these are the 22 best men's style and lifestyle blogs in 2019.

So how have I come up with this list?  Sure, rankings such as Alexa can give us a proxy as to a site’s traffic.  But more than that, it is the quality of content that these gentlemen put out and the level of passion that they pour into their work. They have definitely been inspirational for me, and continue to provide great content week in and week out, if not daily!

Best Men’s Style Blogs, Top 12

While the growth of men's style blogs has resulted in an emergence of portals that focus generally on either article based blogging, providing a resource for men’s fashion, and those that focus more on imagery and curated looks, our experience has been that the best style blogs are able to successfully merge the two. 

With that said, here is the first part of our 22 best men’s style and lifestyle blogs:

  1. Real Men Real Style – Antonio Centeno at Real Men Real Style has created the ultimate go to resource guide for men looking to dress well. Addressing both broader and very intricate topics, Antonio has a great way of concisely presenting steps men can take to improve their style, image, and more recently, your personal and professional lives. Having started out with primarily style related content, he has now expanded his coverage to include The Science of Style, The Philosophy of Style, Grooming & Dating Advice! His vast array of articles and videos (he has an extremely extensive YouTube channel) truly makes his brand the most comprehensive men’s style blog out there.Best Men's Style Blogs Real Men Real Style
  2. Articles of Style – Dan Trepanier, formerly of The Style Blogger, revamped his initial portal and renamed it Articles of Style. As a gentleman who has been named by Esquire as ‘America’s Best Dressed Real Man’, Dan has taken his fashion sensibilities and applied them to his portal in a grand way.  Articles of Style is largely divided into four areas: Menswear 101, Style Guide, Editorials and Profiles, so that aspiring dapper gentlemen can build a real wealth of style knowledge and then see how it is being applied by dapper gentlemen and influencers. After all of that has been done, this can be incorporated first hand using their style guide.Best Men's Style Blogs Articles Of Style
  3. Teaching Men's Fashion – Run by Jose Zuniga, Teaching Men's Fashion is a leading YouTube Style Channel and Blog that features content around men's style, grooming, fitness and a range of other pertinent men's lifestyle areas. With videos that are injected with an abundance of energy, Jose has built a top notch, almost unrivalled style resource that brings you content via both video form and the written word.Best Men's Style Blogs Teaching Men's Fashion
  4. DapperedDappered is a unique blog in that it provides an excellent resource for men regarding style tips, along with providing recommendations on what to wear and a curation of some of the best deals around on the internet. Joe and his team are most definitely doing a fantastic job over at Dappered!Best Men's Style Blogs Dappered
  5. The Idle ManRun by Oliver Tezcan (formerly of ASOS) and a group of seasoned men's fashion veterans, The Idle Man contains one of the best repositories of men's style guides on the internet. With great technical knowledge combined with curated looks, these guides can turn any aspiring gentleman's wardrobe around!Best Men's Style Blogs The Idle Man
  6. Fashion BeansWith a huge array of articles covering a wide breadth of topics related to men’s formal wear and more casual fashion, this is an excellent archive of knowledge regarding style that all aspiring dapper gents can and should turn towards.Best Men's Style Blogs Fashion Beans
  7. He Spoke StyleBrian Sacawa helms this incredibly tasteful men's style blog combining his own personal penchant for refined elegance along with detailed style guides. His expertly shot and curated archive of style photographs will have you continually coming back for more.Best Men's Style Blogs He Spoke Style
  8. Effortless GentBarron Cuadro with Effortless Gent has created a phenomenal guide to helping men find their sense of style, while providing stylistic tips along the way that are pretty much indispensable.  By condensing down men's style to interchangeable essentials, this is a go to guide for men looking to make the most efficient use of their style wardrobe.Best Men's Style Blogs Effortless Gent
  9. The Gentleman WithinContrary to dishing out style advice based on pre defined rulebooks, Khoi Ngn of The Gentleman Within believes that style should be a journey, and an inside out process. With style guides covering a range of looks from formal to business casual to street wear, Khoi has something for everyone, while pontificating on issues pertaining to men's confidence, fitness and the inner journey. His blog is definitely worth checking out!Best Men's Style Blogs Gentleman Within
  10. Put This OnA great blog dedicated to helping men dress like grownups. With a vast array of style advice and knowledge and fantastic tips to help you dress better without breaking the bank, Put This On is one of the best men’s style blogs out there on the web.Best Men's Style Blogs Put This On
  11. The Modest Man- While this blog is considered more niche then most men’ style blogs, as it caters to men of modest height, Brock McGoff has done an excellent job in creating content that highlights ways in which shorter men can use clothing to accentuate their attributes while keeping true to themselves. This blog is a must see resource guide for shorter men who have been longing for style advice that caters to their body type.Best Men's Style Blogs The Modest Man
  12. Masculine StyleThe lone wolf on this list, and for good reason, Tanner Guzy addresses the philosophy of men's style and 'why' we dress the way we do. By delivering content on men's style as explained through our tribe, our archetype and our preferences, through the mediums of the written word, youtube and podcasting, this is a site that is definitely worth checking out!Best Men's Style Blogs Masculine Style

Best Men’s Lifestyle Blogs, Top 10

While the above list show us great men’s style blogs out there that have provided us and will continue to provide us with great content for years to come, the below list comprises blogs that cater to a vast array of men’s interests and lifestyle topics.

  1. Art of ManlinessRun by Brett McKay, what makes the Art of Manliness unique, is that in addition to providing great content on many topics related to transforming oneself into a gentleman, from relationships, to fitness and style, among other topics, Brett and his team make their content compelling by often comparing how modern day standards stack up against what real gentlemen from generations gone by would have done. The content is presented in a compelling way, often with great videos and accompanying infographics. They now also run a hugely popular podcast of the same name. This site is a must visit.Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs Art Of Manliness
  1. Primer Magazinerun by Andrew Snavely, Primer Magazine is one of the most extensive guides out there helping college men transition into the ‘real world’, if not the most extensive. In addition to providing a great resource base regarding men’s style, Andrew’s team provides great visual content through compelling infographics, and has a whole array of content devoted to helping aspiring gentlemen in general, covering topics including relationships, lifestyle, investing, career, personal development, fitness and more.  This is just an all around great resource for men.Best Men's Lifestyle Blog Primer Magazine
  1. The Art of CharmWhile not a traditional lifestyle blog, I have included The Art of Charm in here as its goal is life transformative, in every aspect. Ditch cheesy programs designed to supposedly change your life, and embrace these guys.  A program whose core value is transformation from within, AJ Harbinger and his team are pioneering the way for increased self confidence through inner transformation.  Whether you are looking for improvement in your dating life, your personal development, career or business progression, these guys will help walk you through limiting beliefs and areas that are holding you back.  Break through for true inner power!Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs The Art Of Charm
  1. I Am Alpha MAaron Marino has created a site centered around his extensive video content, that has three pillars: style, grooming and fitness. His extensive array of topic coverage along with his honesty and endearing personality make this site a great go to guide for men looking to make improvements in their life.  This guy is a must see / read!Best Men's Lifestyle Blog I Am Alpha M
  1. Gentleman’s Gazette – Raphael Schneider’s keen eye for attention to detail with everything that he comes into contact with, along with his deep knowledge of the evolution of men’s style through generations, makes this a truly unique and informative blog. With incredibly insightful product reviews, detailed insights into style trends and articles covering men’s lifestyle topics such as cocktails, this is a great site for those of you who really like to dive deep into any given topic.Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs Gentleman's Gazette
  1. Gear PatrolWhile Gear Patrol has come to prominence as a buying guide for men, this digital online magazine covers a range of topics related to men’s lifestyle, allowing men to discover ideas and experiences. Gear Patrol is definitely worth checking out!Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs Gear Patrol
  1. The Order Of Man - Ryan Michler runs more than just a site with his portal - he runs an incredible podcast of the same name, and a community known as 'The Iron Council' that are dedicated to helping men be better fathers, husbands, leaders and contributors. Through his podcast, he interviews elite men across all industries so that he can deliver his core message of helping men be the best version of themselves.Best Men's Lifestyle Blog Order Of Man
  1. MantelligenceAn all round men’s lifestyle site, Mantelligence truly considers what it is that makes a man a real man, and helps guide us through our journey. With a range of quality listicles that would make Buzzfeed froth at the proverbial mouth with envy, Kyle Boureston happens to release quality content on a consistent basis.  Furthermore, and maybe more importantly, is his rapidly growing YouTube Channel that focuses on men's dating advice.Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs Mantelligence
  1. The Distilled ManOur second Kyle on this list but definitely on par with Mantelligence in terms of quality content, the Distilled Man covers overall lifestyle and offers excellent courses for gentlemen looking to improve themselves. With an array of topics covered from grilling to mixing cocktails to style, along with overall attitude to life and in social situations, Kyle covers it all.  His YouTube channel and Podcast clearly brings across his endearing personality and makes you really trust the source of this great content.Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs The Distilled Man
  2. George HahnWhether you are looking for grooming tips, style advice or a general lifestyle resource, George Hahn’s got it all covered.  Need tips, product reviews and more?  Fret not, you will find it here.  In addition to strong, compelling content, his beautifully designed site will have you going back for more.  Over and over.Best Men's Lifestyle Blogs George Hahn

And that’s our 22 Best Men’s Style and Lifestyle Blogs for 2019!  While I know that we do not have enough hours in a day to diligently follow all of these, I would suggest that you pick a few that you like and subscribe to them so as to receive great content on a regular basis!

If you've been following any of these blogs, I would love to hear your thoughts about which ones are your favorites!  Thanks for having taken the time to read this comprehensive list.

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