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As aspiring dapper gentleman, sometimes all we need are a few quick fixes to help elevate our style game. With that said, here is our guide detailing 5 tips to instantly improve your style.

You’ve embarked on the sartorial journey. The 100,000 step journey that purportedly starts with the ever so important first one. Except you’ve been lied to all along. Well not exactly lied to. Just marginally misled. Yes, steps are important, and yes, they do need to be taken. But who said one’s progress couldn’t be fast tracked with tips to instantly improve your style?

Knowing what to do right off the bat can seriously fast track your journey, and in this case, make you look a heck of a lot better. What steps can an aspiring dapper gent take to ensure they look fresh, innovative and stylistic all the time? So that the tried and tested solid and royal blues can be ditched in favor of bolder combinations, knowing all along that said items are being worn at the right time and with the right clothes?

No problem.  We've compiled a list of 5 tips to instantly improve your style (with minimal effort).

1. Paisley Ties

Oh yes, the paisley tie. Those ties often associated with a vintage 80’s look. Except they were a lot less appealing back in the day. In yesteryear, they were accompanied by excess tie fabric, wider tie widths and uglier designs. The contemporary versions are far more sleek.

So before we delve into this ‘staple’, what defines paisley? By definition courtesy of the Oxford dictionary, paisley constitutes a ‘distinctive, intricate pattern of curved feather-shape figures based on the Indian pine cone design.’ With superior color palettes, evolved design and an overall more elegant look, the modern paisley tie can instantly elevate your aesthetic

What makes these ties look so great? Given the large pattern spacing of a paisley tie, it can pair exquisite with a solid, striped or checkered shirt. It will undoubtedly give your wardrobe a proverbial shot of variation, and it will make you stand out from the other thousands of gentlemen wearing solid, striped or foulard (abstract) patterned ties. So instead of throwing out the old and introducing the new – simply ditch the old, and try the new, even if only momentarily.

Wear these out to your next wedding reception, a cocktail party, an evening out with friends or on date night to instantly improve your style.

Given the vibrant and /or strong color schemes of paisley ties, it is best to opt for a relatively muted shirt from both a pattern and color standpoint, so as to really allow the paisley tie to stand out and create that perfect contrast.

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Improve Your Style with a Paisley Tie

The Dark Knot's Amesbury Paisley Brownish Gold Silk Tie

*** Alternate Tie Option: Looking for something bold that doesn’t quite 'rock the sartorial boat' like the paisley tie? Cue the Polka Dot Tie. An often overlooked piece of neckwear, a polka dot tie offers many of the above benefits of a paisley tie (pattern spacing, somewhat novelty factor), with the associated boldness of the paisley tie.

Moreover, polka dot ties can be worn in both professional and personal settings, from daily work or an important meeting to your next evening out with friends! If you are opting for a polka dot tie for daily work or a more professional setting, it is best to go with a darker shade such as burgundy. Otherwise, a lighter colored polka dot tie will suffice.  Either way, polka dots are an easy and effortless way to improve your style.

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Improve Your Style with a Polka Dot Tie

Few articles of clothing make a statement like a polka dot silk tie. Featuring The Dark Knot's Huntington Polka Dot Silk Tie.

2. Polka Dot Pocket Squares

This unique pocket square offers contrast and a welcome change from the standard solid or foulard (abstract / repeating pattern) pocket squares. Polka dot pocket squares pair perfectly with virtually any shirt and tie combination, and they do ironically add both a professional and whimsical dimension to your attire at the same time. A polka dot pocket square will help improve your style and elevate your look, given that they are typically two tone squares with a prominent color scheme.

Improve Your Style with a Polka Dot Pocket Square

A polka dot pocket square provides your ensemble with panache. Courtesy of www.etonshirts.com

**Alternate item: A Paisley Pocket Square is the perfect alternate to a polka dot square. While louder in both pattern and color schemes, a paisley pocket square provides many of the same benefits as the polka dot pocket square does, given its pattern size and spacing. This allows it to be worn with virtually and shirt and tie combination, making improving your style effortless.

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Improve Your Style with Paisley

The Dark Knot's Baldwin Blue Linen Pocket square provides the perfect addition to this ensemble.

Pocket Squares from The Dark Knot

3. Solid Lapel Flowers

Few things spruce up a gentleman’s wardrobe like a lapel flower. Given that one is typically worn with either a tie or pocket square (or in rare instances, both), it is best to opt for the solid colored variety, so that there are no color clashes. This will allow your lapel flower to elegantly round out your ensembles.

Looking for a lapel flower that will add intrigue to your ensemble, without being overkill? A white or cream colored lapel flower will provide the perfect neutral scheme to go with the rest of your ensemble - instantly enhancing your look.

Feel free to view The Dark Knot’s range of single tonal lapel flowers.

Improve Your Style with a Lapel Flower

A solid colored lapel flower can instantly elevate your look and infuse it with panache and flair.

Lapel Flowers from The Dark Knot

4. Leather Bracelets

Leather carries connotations of manliness that will perfectly accompany any gentleman’s ensemble. What better place to show this off than with a leather bracelet? Leather bracelets represent that balance between being very well dressed and remaining down to earth. For that reason, leather bracelets work well in the office and at work – they make you look refined yet approachable.

While colorful socks and jacket linings can allow you to showcase your own personal preferences with your suit, a bracelet, like the other items mentioned on this list, can really set you apart with regards to your personal taste.

Wearing a charcoal grey or navy blue suit? Opt for a leather or rope chain (double layer of leather) bracelet that will add a new dimension to your ensemble? Wearing a brown or a lesser worn olive green suit / jacket? Brown or tan leather bracelets are your best bet.

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Enhance Your Style with a  Leather Bracelet

The Dark Knot's Santa Ana Leather Bracelet is the perfect accompaniment to your brown suit!

Leather Bracelets from The Dark Knot

5. Tie Bars

The tie bar has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, with men paying greater attention to formal wear style. The tie bar, used to keep a tie in place, is a small accessory that can have a disproportionate impact on your aesthetic. Silver Tie Bars work with virtually any shirt and tie combination, and will have you looking elegant and dapper, without implying that you’re trying too hard.

Definite no-nos: Your tie bar should never be wider than your tie AND, ideally, you want your tie bar placed somewhere between your third and fourth buttons for optimal enhancement.

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Improve Your Style with a Tie Bar

A silver tie bar can make all the difference to your ensemble!

And that’s a wrap for this one. I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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