5 Colors Every Man Should Wear During Fall and Winter Seasons

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Alyssa Breeden

Now that some of us are quite literally knee-deep in winter, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the best color choices for cold seasons.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the colors that look best when it’s cold out to keep spirits high and you looking your best.  With that being said, here’s a list of our top five color choices men should consider during the fall & winter seasons. 

Navy Blue

The first color on our list is classic navy blue. Navy blue is a timeless and simple, elegant color that every man should invest in.

Seriously, every man should invest in a warm winter suit in a rich navy color.  Not only are they incredibly slimming and versatile, they are also one of our favorites and a favorite among celebrities and influencers.

(If you’re new to the navy blue suit and unsure of how to wear it check out our E-style tool on our website where you can simply choose your suit color and see the style possibilities.)

Not only is navy a classic color that is incredibly versatile, it is also a power color, which makes it the top choice for many authoritative uniforms.  What many men do not realize is that navy blue is just as interchangeable in their wardrobe as a solid black or gray.  Navy blue, like the other colors mentioned, has the ability to be paired with a multitude of colors and shades. Including all colors that we will cover below.

 Navy Suit Winter Season

A Navy Suit during the Fall & Winter Seasons will have you looking on point!


The second color on our list is oxblood, a deep shade of burgundy bold enough that it can command presence and make statement, but not so loud that you stand out like Ron Burgundy in Anchorman.  Basically, it adds color and detail to your look without totally going overboard.  Sounds easy enough.

Oxblood Suit

Thinking of a bold oxblood suit? Think again. 

Oxblood, while it does come in a few different tones, is a deep and rich dark burgundy with purple and brown undertones.  This mix makes it an ideal color for plaids.  And who doesn’t love a great plaid suit, or jacket, in the middle of winter?   

Because of its mix of tones, oxblood is a pretty versatile color and fairly often is used to boost color in a neutral look.  Just think about pairing a good pair of leather oxblood shoes with that winter navy blue suit we were talking about above.  Oxblood works to transform the casual navy suit, making it appear both sharper and more formal.  If that doesn’t scream power, I don’t know what does. 

Oxblood shoes

Oxblood Shoes can be a fantastic addition to your winter ensembles! Courtesy of www.nordicfit.com

We also recommend looking into an oxblood, or burgundy, knit tie this season.  Knit ties are becoming increasingly popular and make for a perfect winter accessory.  Knit ties stand out exceptionally well in bold colors like oxblood and burgundy to complete a dapper and warm winter look.

Please feel free to view The Dark Knot’s range of silk knitted ties, including burgundy knitted ties.

Burgundy Knitted Tie

Not many items will enhance your look during the fall / winter months like an oxblood / burgundy knitted tie! Courtesy of www.ties-neckties.com

 Knit Ties | Silk Knit Ties | Knitted Ties


Camel Brown

Camel brown is the perfect color for almost every winter look.  Perhaps the biggest reason to wear camel, aside from it being trendy and timeless, is that it is the perfect neutral for any color palette. Camel complements all color schemes from burgundy and navy blue to olive greens and browns- making it a powerhouse on our list.

Another great thing about camel brown is that no matter where you shop, or what your budget may be, you’re always be able to find something incredible and timeless.  And bonus for winter- most men’s camel coats and suits come in wool and cotton blends to keep you both dapper and warm.

Camel works great with navy blue.  You can rely on the soft neutrality of camel brown to keep you looking dapper when having to top your suit with a coat.  

 Camel Overcoat

A camel overcoat can look incredible over a navy suit during the winter months! Courtesy of www.look.co.uk

Camel is the best color to elevate your look for the office, or day out, and give off an intelligent appearance.

If you are unsure about camel, go for a classic a camel coat to start off with and gradually work other camel pieces into your wardrobe.

Olive Green

No cold weather wardrobe is complete without at least a touch of olive green- whether it’s just the tip of a pocket square, or a small detail mixed into your best plaid coat.  

Tweed is a great way to bring a rustic look to your formal style without overdoing it, which is why we suggest olive green tweed. Not only is it incredibly warm for the winter season, but the color is more fashionable and olive can make you appear to look more on top of things than you really might be (win).

Olive Green Tweed Jacket

Few things say dapper like an olive green tweed jacket. Courtesy of www.bluemaize.net

Color combinations are extremely important when it comes to wearing unconventional colors such as green.  Green can be quite tricky when trying to pair outfits.  Keeping your outfit monochromatic and dark is an easy way to be sure you are styling green properly.   We suggest pairing olive green with your camel brown accessories for the best luck.

Once again think power, historically olive green was reserved for military uniforms- making it an incredible power color for the colder seasons.

Mustard Yellow

Okay, I know what you are thinking:  “mustard yellow is a hard color to pull off”. That might be the case if you’re trying to wear a mustard yellow suit.  But think about it, who doesn’t love the timeless look of mustard yellow blended into a beautiful tweed plaid coat or suit?  Mustard yellow is so elegant and warm.

Not convinced?  Why not start out slow with something like a lapel flower?  Mustard is an ideal color to complement your navy suits and, perhaps, also your Oxblood shoes from above.  Shades of burgundy look incredible with mustard yellow.  When paired correctly, this look screams intelligence and grit.

Looking to elevate your style game? Feel free to check out The Dark Knot’s extensive range of lapel flowers.

The Dark Knot’s range of yellow lapel flowers can be viewed here.

Mustard Yellow Lapel Flower

 A Mustard Yellow Lapel Flower can add serious pop to your winter ensembles!

Lapel Flowers

Winter is known to drive down your mood and morale, so why not try to break up the drab by adding a pop of color to your wardrobe?   Yellow is widely known to kick out the January blues and promote happy feelings! 

Still not sold on yellow?  Why not try out a pair of mustard striped or polka dot socks with your look?  Go ahead and bring a sense of energy and rejuvenation to your winter wardrobe!

Mustard Yellow Socks

Inject your winter wardrobe with character with a pair of mustard yellow socks! Courtesy of www.themodestman.com

We do advise caution when pairing yellow, especially with camel brown.  Mustard yellow could get lost when trying to pair with camel and other shades that are close on the color wheel.

So that’s it!  Those are the colors to keep in mind when choosing your winter wardrobe.  Feel free to mix and match these colors and tones with textures and plaids to get your best look for the season.

And that’s a wrap for this one. I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading along as much as I have writing it!

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