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Geometric Ties, alternatively known as foulard ties, are an essential wardrobe staple for any discerning gentleman. These smaller scaled, repeating designs are perfect for any setting. In this detailed guide, we discuss the history of geometric ties, when to wear a geometric foulard tie and how to match a foulard silk tie to your attire!

It’s game time. You have that all important business meeting around the corner. You’ve got your suit lined up. It’s a Super 150, made of gorgeous wool.  It’s damn near perfect. Your blue double ply cotton shirt has been crisply ironed and is ready for wear when needed.

You’ve even mastered color theory, and know exactly which tie colors would work with your given ensemble. However, you’re confused about your pattern. Should you go with a paisley, or something more worthy of a professional setting? You finally settle on your geometric tie, and when you strut into that meeting, almost every one does a double take. There’s a reason why. These ties are versatile, and can be worn across a range of occasions. With that said, here is our primer on Geometric Ties!

History of Geometric Ties

The Geometric Tie (alternatively known as the Foulard Silk Tie) is believed to have originated in the Far East, coming from the French word Foulard, with the same meaning. The repeating patterns can be flowers, geometric shapes (squares, diamonds etc), dots or isolated paisley shapes. When looking for a Foulard Tie, you are specifically looking for a repeating pattern. Foulard Silk Ties can be constructed either using Jacquard (woven silk ties, with the patterns woven via different color yarns) or Printed Silk on Satin or Twill Weaves (Patterns are printed using ink jet printings or printing screens in which colors are manually applied).

Events to Wear Geometric Ties To:

Business: Geometric Foulard Ties that work best in business settings are those of a darker hue, such as Navy or Burgundy. Darker colors generally help build trust and affinity, and help demonstrate a sense of authority.

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Burgundy & Blue Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot's Berkshire Abstract Burgundy / Blue Silk Tie

Business Casual: For more relaxed events, a higher tonal geometric or paisley tie such as a medallion tie will have you looking the part, and will ensure that you are dressed above your competition.

Pink & Grey Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot's Fall River Foulard Pink / Grey Silk Tie

Evening Out: On an evening out, a novelty patterned tie such as a repeating animal print will ensure to turn heads when out with friends on a night out! Repeating Animal Prints are a fun way to dress up an outfit while injecting personality into your ensemble at the same time! These ties can often allude to one’s personal interests, as the various repeating tie patterns are typically based around a theme, such as the ocean, sports, leisure among others.  

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Blue & Yellow Printed Silk Tie

The Dark Knot's Watermill Fish Navy w/ Yellow Printed Silk Tie

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How To Match Geometric Foulard Silk Ties

The Foulard Silk Tie, due to its repeating pattern template, must be closely matched with a shirt and an appropriate suit. Many foulard silk ties have patterns that are closely helped together, and are thus best suited for a solid or very subtly patterned shirt. Please note that pattern proportion is critical when matching ties, and pairing a tightly bound pattern with a closed shirt pattern such as narrow stripes or a checkered shirt will result in pattern clash.

Burgundy Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot's Stafford Squares Burgundy Silk Tie

Larger spaced foulard silk ties can be worn with a solid or narrow patterned shirt, such as a pinstriped or micro checkered shirt. Often, these larger spaced foulard ties are more colorful, helping provide tonality and are thus highly versatile. These ties are also ideal for more relaxed events where you want to dress the part, such as a summertime or beaching wedding, or on a day out at a horse racing meet, such as The Kentucky Derby!

Salmon & Light Blue Geometric Foulard Silk Tie

The Dark Knot's Coventry Foulard Salmon Silk Tie

Essential Geometric Foulard Neckties

When building out your wardrobe with geometric silk ties, it is prudent to have a couple of navy and burgundy silk ties, which are ideal for social settings, along with a couple lighter colored or less conservative foulard ties, such as a repeating paisley or animal print motif.

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And that’s a wrap for this one! I hope that you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

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